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10/15/20deBanked Returned to Miami, DailyFunder Soars, APRs Confusing
9/30/20Industry Update: Capify raises, OnDeck supplements, Funding Circle loses
9/16/20Industry Update: Puerto Rico, NYC restaurants, major in fintech and more…
8/31/20Industry Update: Seinfeld, funding trends, and more
8/13/20Fintech on Inc 5000, an Indictment, FTC “wipeout”, partnerships and more
7/31/20Watch: deBanked on new APR law | OnDeck/Enova | PPP Recap
7/24/20 NY Passes New APR law, deBanked goes to Wall Street, and more
7/15/20An Underwriter’s Song of 2020, Coming out of the cave, layoffs
6/30/20 One small biz lender looks doomed, others continue fighting
6/12/20Funders Return, Broker Fair, FTC & NY AG and more
6/8/20Industry Update: MCA Impact, Broker Fair Virtual, Trashed Stimulus
5/27/20Brokers to stay home, virtual reality, OnDeck, NYC Fintech Women and more
5/13/20Industry Update: Small Business Time Bomb, PPP Fees, a Broker
4/24/20Industry Update: The Front Line of PPP and more
4/14/20Industry Update: Small biz funding industry becomes PPP obsessed
3/26/20Industry Update: $2T Stimulus, Online Lenders Appeal to Congress, and More
3/13/20The Shakeup: David Goldin on the Coronavirus, Trump pledges SBA support and more
3/3/20Industry Update: SMB finance future, MCA prohibition, fintech recap, and more
2/25/20Update: Cannabis, Bitty Sells Stake, Patreon gets into funding, UCS, Lending Club to Buy a Bank and more!
2/7/20Industry Update: DailyFunder, Goldman & Amazon, FTC
1/21/20Photos from Miami, Industry News, and More
1/16/20Miami Today, Broker Fair Next, Plaid, Nav, and More
1/13/20For ISOs Only – New SBA Head – 500+ People Registered for deBanked CONNECT MIAMI
12/30/19Ten Years of deBanked – It’s The End of an Era
12/23/19deBanked’s Top Ten of 2019
12/13/19Industry News: Ocrolus unveils, ISO tips, funder partners with storefronts, and more
11/27/19It’s deBanked Meme Time
11/19/19For ISOs only, The African Queen, COJs Nationwide, Made in China
11/8/19David Goldin is back, NYC marshal gets COJ’d, Knight Capital Sold
10/31/19BOO! San Diego’s event photos, DLI’s struggle, and industry news
10/24/19Industry Update: Consultative Sales, FTC Police, Fintech Charters Dead
10/16/19CAN Capital, BFS, Irish brokers, cannabis, bitcoin and more
9/30/19COJs Have New Face: The NYC Taxi Industry, Is Goldman Sachs Winning Online Lending?
9/11/19Up Next: Funder & broker licensing in NY, big securitizations, stripe gets into MCA and more
8/29/19NY COJ Bill Is On The Governor’s Desk, Born to Borrow
8/23/19MCA Gold Rush, Questionable SBA Loans, More Trouble With 1 Global
8/13/19Fox Has Entered The Ring, Funders Report Q2, 1 Global Capital Case Update
7/30/19OnDeck/Chase Go Separate Ways, Toronto Photos, and California Rules Progress
7/11/19Still no signature on COJ bill, A comeback tale, p2p struggles worldwide
7/1/19It’s Canada Day, State of the Funding Market, Bankers Taking Over Fintech?
6/26/19Watch Congressional Hearing on COJs, Read Industry News and More
6/19/19COJs Face Potential Annihilation Today, Celebrity Speaker Announced for deBanked CONNECT Toronto
6/11/19Industry Update: Do You Need a Mentor? ForwardLine is Back and more
5/29/19Site Inspectors Spot Fake Merchants, Franchises Struggle, and More Drama
5/22/19Bringing Back Residuals, Scale Your Broker Shop, Broker Wins Award
5/10/19Broker Fair Photos, Recap, and More
4/30/19Does your MCA company pass scrutiny? Students selling their future income to attend college
4/22/19Fintech you can take to the bank, class action lawsuit against Capital Stack update, and more
4/8/19DLI Class Action, MCA vs Equity, Kabbage Raises $700M, and more
3/27/19Inside an MCA underwriting room, What was DLI investing in? and more
3/21/19Industry Update: Direct Lending Woes, NJ Bills Attack Disclosures, WeWork is Home
3/14/19Industry Update: Turning LinkedIn into funded deals, Canadian market heats up
2/28/19Industry Update: The first ever merchant cold call, and more
2/21/19Industry Update: How to market a funder, 1 Global Capital update and more
2/8/19 Industry Update: Rapid Updates Name, Pigs, COJs
1/23/19 Industry Update: Yellowstone Capital Makes Major Announcement, Industry Blasts Off
1/17/19 Industry Update: Meet Kapitus, End of COJs Coming, Goldman Sachs Invests
1/8/19 Industry Update: An ISO Expands, CAN’s new CEO, and more
12/26/18 Industry Update: deBanked’s Year in Review
12/17/18 Industry Update: Bloomberg Reporter Wipes His Twitter After deBanked Story
12/7/18 Industry Update: COJ Debate in the National Spotlight
11/16/18 Industry Update: Brokers weigh real estate sales against commercial financing
11/12/18 Industry Update: Avoid the Backdoor, Q3 Earnings, and More
10/24/18 Industry Update: SMB Lending in Friend Zone, Money2020, and more
10/16/18 Industry Update: NJ rushes to regulate MCA & Lending Disclosures
10/10/18 Industry Update: Photos from San Diego
9/27/18 Industry Update: Diary of a Broker | San Diego Sells Out
9/18/18 Industry Update: Dress right, CAN searching for new CEO
9/13/18 Industry Update: Last Day to Sponsor deBanked CONNECT San Diego
8/24/18 Industry Update: The Best Sales Reps
8/16/18 Industry Update: Funder Rankings (By 2017 Revenue)
8/10/18 Industry Update: San Diego, 1st Global Capital, Q2 Results
7/30/18 Industry Update: PayPal MCAs & Loans Performing
7/23/18 Industry Update: Tighter rules on brokers in California
7/12/18 Industry Update: New hires, acquisitions, lawsuit
6/26/18 Industry Update: An ISO Stays Local, Fintech Changing The World
6/19/18 Industry Update: Funding returns to Puerto Rico, Join us in San Diego
6/11/18Industry Update: Fora acquires stake in US Business Funding, SFS securitization
5/31/18Industry Update: Online lenders benefit the economy
5/23/18Industry Update: MCA Outpacing Factoring, Broker Fair Photos
5/14/18Good Morning from Broker Fair
5/8/18Industry Update: OnDeck Funds $591M, A California Hearing, and more
4/30/18Industry Update: Sales tips from the field, online lender teams up with TV star
4/20/18Industry Update: Wayward Merchants, California Bill, and More
4/10/18Industry Update: LendItFintech in Photos and Sound Bites
4/4/18Industry Update: Conference News, Company Scandal, New Hires
3/23/18Industry Update: MCA Appellate Win, ISO Meets Funder
3/14/18Industry Update: Funders ranked by originations, meet the underwriters
3/6/18Industry Update: I Got Funded, Interviews With Industry Execs
2/27/18Industry Update: Online Lenders Positive for Minorities?
2/22/18Industry Update: National Funding, Broker Fair, News
2/15/18Industry Update: Broker Fair Speakers and Much More
2/5/18 deBanked Industry Update
1/25/18 Industry Update: Debt Settlement Company Sued, A Series B, and More
1/24/18Industry Update: deBanked Connects With Miami and More
1/17/18Alternative Lending Set to Boost Small Biz in 2018
12/18/17Industry Update: The True Story of an MCA Broker
12/8/17Industry Update: Funding in Your Pajamas, Origination Rankings
11/27/17Industry Update: An ISO Roadmap, Big MCA Deals in Canada
11/16/17Industry Update: A Bad ISO, Murky ICOs, and More
11/2/17United Capital Source Acquired by Newtek, 6th Avenue Capital Secures $60M
10/30/17Industry Update: Liens and judgments gone from credit reports
10/19/17Industry Update: Real merchants interviewed about alternative funding
10/11/17Industry Update: deBanked Unveils a Conference, Google Bans MCA Keyword
9/29/17Industry Update: ISOs Alleged to be Partners in Scheme to Hurt Funders
9/22/17Bizfi Brand Survives as WBL Acquires Select Assets
9/15/17Small Business Funders Ranked By Revenue (and more)
9/11/17Industry News: Former OnDeck Employees Move On, ShopKeep Does MCAs for Now
9/1/17 Industry Update: Hurricane Harvey Borrowers, Credibly/Bizfi
8/21/17Industry Update: Tech Banks, MCA Brokers Look West
8/11/17Industry Update: The industry reacts to the PayPal/Swift Financial deal
8/7/17Industry Update: Has OnDeck Turned The Corner?
8/1/17Industry Update: We Talked to Funded Merchants
7/27/17Industry Update: Becoming a bank, Bizfi founder joins WBL
7/6/17Industry Update: CAN Capital Resumes Funding
6/29/17Industry Update: An existing bank charter loophole?
6/15/17Industry Update: Delaware and Texas Ripe for Alt Lending
5/31/17Industry Update: New stars rise, regulators make headlines
5/15/17Industry Update: MCAs Win in Court, Wild Q1, CFPB
4/28/17Industry Update: ‘Re-Banked’, Mix of Woes and Successes
4/17/17Industry Update: Texting Merchants, Reviving Your Lender
3/31/17Industry Update: Acquisition rumors, year-end earnings
3/15/17Industry Update: Stolen Deals, NY Regulation Odds Dwindle and more
2/27/17Industry Update: Confidence Stable, Train the Best Reps
2/16/17Industry Update: OnDeck Reports Layoffs, Losses
1/30/17Industry Update: NY Seeks to Regulate Funders and Brokers
1/17/17CAN Capital is Changing The World’s Most Expensive Tire
12/30/16Industry Update: deBanked’s Top 10 Most Read of 2016
12/19/16Industry Update: CAN Struggles and A Rapid Advance
11/30/16Industry Update: Shakeup at CAN Capital
11/17/16Industry Update: Alternative Lending’s Season Finale
10/31/16Industry Update: Borrowers Stack, Telemarketing Woes, and More
10/14/16 Industry Update: First Deals, Puerto Rico, Early Payoffs
9/30/16Industry Update: Restricted Deals, Choke Point, Marketplace Lending Shifts
9/16/16Industry Update: Industry Update: ISOs and Funders in Canada, Dodd-‘Bank’? and more
8/31/16Industry Update: It’s a Broker’s World
8/15/16Funding Deals Like a Woman, Marketplace vs Balance Sheet, Trump, Uber
7/29/16Industry Update: Business Funding Thrives, P2P Dies
7/20/16Industry Update: Confidence remains among small biz finance execs
6/30/16Industry Update: You might not be able to fund merchants in Illinois anymore
6/17/16Industry Update: ISOs Vent, A Court Ruling and Capitol Hill
5/31/16Industry Update: Discipline, MCA Accounting and More
5/19/16Industry Update: ISOs Quit, LC Loses, And is it Time to Rethink Marketplace Lending?
4/28/16Industry Update: Can the Golden Age Continue? Reps struggle with leads
4/18/16Industry Update: Too late to start now? Become a Certified MCA Professional
3/31/16Industry Update: Not all Marketplace Lenders are Created Equal
3/15/16Industry Update: The Top 8 Funders, Google Culls Herd and a Fed Study
2/29/16Industry Update: Co-brokering Podcast, ISO vs Direct, More Madden-Midland
2/11/16Industry Update: The top MCA closer, ghosts, credit facilities and more
1/29/16Industry Update: Outlook still positive and the growth continues
1/14/16Industry Update: 2016 Predictions, First Ever Report, Hunger Games
12/29/15Industry Update: CAN Capital, California Drama, Collateral and 2016
12/07/15 Industry Update: Predatory Merchants | OnDeck/Chase | More
11/30/15 Industry Update: OnDeck Meets Shark Tank, APR Debate, Square
11/12/15Industry Update: Anonymous Funders Banished, CFPB Says Hello
10/30/15Industry Update: No Shakeout, Strong CAGR and Stolen Deals
10/15/15Industry Update: God Bless the Online Lenders | A New Unicorn
9/29/15Industry Update: A BFS Capital IPO, Shakeups, and Integrations
9/16/15Industry Update: Regulators, Leads, Growth and Change
8/26/15Industry Update: Federal Reserve Studied MCA and BFS Acquires Entrust
8/11/15Industry Update: We need to claw back your commission
7/22/15 Industry Update: Leads, Underwriting, and Regulation!
7/8/15 Industry Update: Funding Records, Crises and Fraud
6/24/15 Industry Update: Too Many Advances and a Wall Street Takeover
6/10/15 Industry Update: Don’t Steal Deals Bro, Bless You, Is P2P Dead?
5/28/15 Industry Update: Co-brokering, Money on the map, and OnDeck Medicine
5/12/15 Industry Update: I’m dumb, the OnDeck hedge, and brokers beware!
4/22/15 Industry Update: The Legal on Stacking, a Lending Illusion, and a NAMAA Shift
4/8/15 Industry Update: Brokers, Syndication, Yellowstone, and more!
3/24/15 Industry Update: a funding robot???
3/11/15 Industry Update: Brokers, Ferraris, Stacking and more
2/24/15 Industry Update: More Red Ink for OnDeck
2/11/15 Industry Update: It’s okay to make a profit folks
1/30/15 Industry Update: OnDeck slips and merchants take over TV
1/14/15 Industry Update: Don’t Start a Broke Funding ISO
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