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March 2015 | Part II %TODAY%
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2015's Industry Events

This is a list of our upcoming schedule. We're going to some big industry conferences this year and hope to see you there!

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Would you bet your retirement on consumer loans?

Experts are lauding the ability to delay taxes by putting your retirement funds into consumer loan notes. I think it's a bad idea.

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Let's admit it, search engine lead gen is rigged

Ever wondered why Google owned-lenders seem to dominate organic search results? The FTC concluded that Google is manipulating search.

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The Origin of the MCA industry (satire)

Who would've thought the industry could've all began with two business partners named Sam Smith and John Stacker? They needed to sell beer and a magic Irishman changed everything. 

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Merchant Cash and Capital Funds $1 Billion

I was there their early on. Now Steve Sheinbaum is talking about funding a billion dollars on CNBC! (video included)

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ForwardLine Was One of the Industry's First

ForwardLine CEO Craig Coleman talks about operating a merchant loan program as far back as 2003. 

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SBA loans support luxurious lifestyles, burden taxpayers

So much for small business. SBA loans are going to plastic surgery clinics, Fortune 100 companies, exclusive clubs, and private equity firms. Say what?!

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David Goldin's Take on Where Things Stand

AmeriMerchant's CEO says "we haven't even scratched the surface of the surface. We aren't even anywhere near the surface."

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Sneak Peek of deBanked Magazine Cover.

The first copies of the magazine will be in my hands this Friday. They go out on the mail on April 1st. Click to see the cover.

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We'll be at Transact '15 in San Fran next week

We're looking forward to Transact '15 in San Francisco next week. Would you like to meet up? Email sean@debanked.com.

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