Newsletter Sent On: 11/29/2023

"Huge Turnout Expected" Read more

FCC Seeks to Close the Lead Generator Loophole
The FCC has proposed a new initiative to combat illegal text messages and calls by requiring texters and callers to obtain a consumer's prior express written consent from a single seller at a time. This rule is set to be voted on in December and will become effective in August 2024. Read more

A Fun QSR Chain or Big Sandwich?
Roark Capital is an Atlanta-based PE firm with $37B in assets under management that is attempting to acquire Subway, the leading sandwich chain in the US, which has caused the FTC to investigate the potential monopoly it could create. Senator Elizabeth Warren has also voiced her concerns about the deal, which has caused the small business finance industry to take note of the potential consolidation of the QSR sandwich shop market. Read more

Hiring in the B2B Finance Industry Still Challenging
Hiring is a difficult process due to the current labor market and the demand for remote work, making it difficult for companies to find applicants with the right experience. Read more

Top OCC Exec Had a Fake Resume!
Wow, this is unbelievable! Via Jason Mikula Read more

Black Friday Shopping Soars to Records
Via CNBC Read more

The Ripple Effect of Disclosure Laws: Part 2
Via LeasingNews Read more

Watch the CFPB Oversight Hearing
Happening right now LIVE Read more

Apple to Shed Relationship With Goldman Sachs
The credit card marriage may be coming to an end Read more

Bank of America Fined Over HMDA Violations
This bank didn't want to comply with Section 1071-esque disclosures Read more

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