Newsletter Sent On: 03/31/2016

Not All Marketplace Lenders Are Created Equal Read more

Why Square Ditched Their Merchant Cash Advance Program
They walked away from a $400 million a year system because... Read more

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Small Business Finance Association to Unveil White Paper
A set of guiding industry principles are expected to be published soon Read more

Obama Administration to Comment on Madden v Midland
Solicitor General asked to chime in by the US Supreme Court Read more

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Ohio Considers Regulation of Confessions of Judgment
Scope of COJs could become limited in this state Read more

Syndicating MCA Commissions Same as old Residual System
Syndicating your deal commissions might be an illusion Read more

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Will Marketplace Lending Revert Back to Peer-to-Peer?
Wall Street cracks might reverse capital raising trends Read more

Coalition for Responsible Business Finance Joins Advocacy Fray
Is three a crowd? Read more

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SoFi Corporate Partnerships Have Hidden Potential
Congress is mulling the passage of bills that would benefit SoFi directly Read more

Marketplace Lenders Will Return to P2P Roots, Insiders Say
Even industry insiders think the retail investor class will reemerge Read more

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Robots Coming For Banking Jobs
Brick and mortar banking is dying in some countries Read more

Small Businesses Say 'Yes' to Online Lending
Kabbage's partnership with the NFIB is significant Read more

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Subprime auto lending looks bad, or does it?
Two reports, two different sets of statistics Read more

Four Questions That Will Determine Online Lenders Fate
Frank Rotman asks if the businesses are really built to last Read more

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Tech Company or Bank?
Renaud Laplanche asked how investors should value Lending Club Read more

Marketplace Lenders Worry about Addiction to Wall Street
What was once a strength might now be a weakness Read more

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