Newsletter Sent On: 11/07/2023

PayPal Pulls Back on MCAs and Biz Funding Read more

Square: Business Funding Originations, Loss Rates Steady in Q3
Block's Square Loan division originated 120,000 loans for a total of $1.17B in Q3, and the company's origination figures in the first nine months of this year are similar to the last nine months of 2022, suggesting that Block is being cautious and conservative. Loss rates on Square Loans also remain consistent with historical ranges. Read more

Originations Increased, Losses Decreased for Shopify Capital
Shopify is humming along quite strong Read more

Back to Business Lending in Canada
What got said at the the CLA Lenders Summit Read more

What's On The Industry's Desk?
Three industry professionals share the surroundings that make them successful Read more

Funding Circle Gets SBLC License
In a landmark moment, Funding Circle has joined the ranks of licensed 7a lenders Read more

Tips From Tibbs
Cheryl Tibbs' Vendor Marketing Guide provides an in-depth look into the importance of vendor relationships in the equipment finance industry and how to properly pursue them, allowing brokers to move from hunting for individual deals to being the recipient of multiple deals per week. It also emphasizes the importance of continuing to learn and sharpen knowledge in the field. Read more

Fintech Hasn't Stopped. There's Still Room for Constant Improvement in Lending
Fintech is rapidly transforming the banking and lending world, with AI and machine learning technologies being used to streamline processes and detect potential risks. However, human decision-making is still necessary to ensure that businesses are not exposed to any potential risks. Read more

Amazon's Business Loan Program Relatively Flat, And The Company is Now Possibly the Largest MCA Broker?
If you do some back of the napkin math, Amazon could be the largest MCA broker in the US. Read more

Two Commercial Financing Bills Introduced in Pennsylvania
They would outlaw Confessions of Judgment provisions in contracts and require mandatory disclosures from commercial financing providers in Pennsylvania. Read more

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