Newsletter Sent On: 02/11/2016

Meet The Sales Rep That Funded $47 Million Last Year Read more

A former Bizfi manager is running for state senate
A guy who truly understands our industry could become a lawmaker. Read more

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Fora Financial's co-founders are deBanked's Jan/Feb Cover!
Print subscribers get the article first so make sure you're signed up. Read more

The ghost of Second Source Funding loses last ditch battle
One of the most notorious long dead ISOs in history lives on through zombie litigation. Read more

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Credibly secures $70 million credit facility
SunTrust Bank and Alostar Bank of Commerce put the deal together. Read more

BFS IPO rumors quiet down
But the company has earned an increased credit line of $165 million through Wells Fargo. Read more

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How the FDIC defines marketplace lending
Finally, someone tries to make sense of it all. And MCA is included. Read more

CFPB not amused by Quicken's Super Bowl ad
Quicken said their vision is to create a tidal wave of push-button mortgages. Oops Read more

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Is the industry overdue for a Ponzi scheme?
P2P lending Ponzi schemes are a regular occurrence in China. Read more

Bizfi has record Q4. Originates $142 million
Numbers announced on the heels of a $65 million capital raise. Read more

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Lending Club borrowers are paying off early in droves
Is this normal? What's the real reason behind this? Read more

Amex cards now an option on Fundera marketplace
Amex is using new online marketplaces to pitch old product. Read more

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Bitcoin mining IPO is a bust
After several false starts, investors not really feeling it. Read more

Bernie Sanders and breaking up the banks
So like, what would happen if we really debanked? Read more

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A look at the marketplace lending originator ecosystem
Techcrunch makes a compelling argument. Read more

The first ever comprehensive industry report is now available
What you'll need if you're thinking about selling your ISO or funder. Read more

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