Newsletter Sent On: 09/29/2015

What a BFS Capital IPO Would Mean for the Industry

deBanked Integrates its News Feed with PSC's MCA Platform

deBanked's API can deliver the industry's news right to your platform  Read more

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Mr. Merchant: Help ME, Help YOU

Why is it that in 2015 merchants still claim not to have computers? And why are their documents often lost?    Read more
Dodd-Frank and More Paperwork Make Funding Deals Harder

Community Bankers testified in front of the House Small Business Committee and what they said made sense.   Read more
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Qwave Failed to Acquire IOU Financial, But Remains Major Shareholder

The VC takeover didn't work out but the new IOU should make for a fierce competitor. Read more
Fundera's CEO is A Silicon Valley Whiz Kid, Sold First Company for $80 Mil

And now he's raised another $11 million for Fundera...  Read more

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5 Signs Your Merchant Needs to Go to Collections

Simple, yet not to be underestimated. These merchants might be ready for collections. Read story
Lender Successfully Compels Arbitration in Response to Usury Complaint

Arbitration prevails! Read more
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Stock Analyst Says Lending Club is Not Disruptive

Timothy Puls says there's no network effect. Read more
Same-Day ACH is Coming... for real

Tell your merchants to hold on, Same-Day ACH will be here in a year. Learn more

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Herio Capital Surpasses $10 Million in Funding

The company is on pace to reach its funding goal of $25 million for the year.  Read more

New Hampshire Attorney General Takes Action Against Out-of-State CC Processors

New Hampshire Attorney General said certain phone calls and sales tactics were deceptive. Learn more

You Can't Fund Without Leads
PSC Appoints New CEO

H. Russell Heiser Jr. is now the CEO of NY-based PSC. Read more
OnDeck Responds to the New York Times

A front-page New York Times article painted the company in a questionable light. Read more

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