Newsletter Sent On: 10/30/2015

The Industry's First Ever Report Revealed Some Interesting Data

Full Story: How Jared Weitz and UCS Became One of the Fastest Growing Shops

The full featured story from the magazine is now online  Read more
ACH, Funding and Software
Did Your Deal Slip Out the Back Door?

It's an issue that a lot of ISOs are talking about. Stolen deals...    Read more
From Money2020: The Industry is Waiting for a Shakeout

But there doesn't seem to be any on the horizon.   Read more
Get Leads and Your Deals Funded

Alternative Business Funding's Decade Club

What can you learn from a funder that's been in business for 10 years already? A lot apparently. Read more
Stacking Questioned at Lend360

Everywhere we go, it seems to come up.  Read more

Funded Deals and a Bank Verification
Blurring Small Business: A troubling narrative is gaining steam

The business vs. consumer debate. Read story
Industry's Compound Annual Growth Rate Determined to be 56%

A look at one of the report's more important findings. Read more
Get Those Deals Funded
Fundry Announces Growth-Positioned Management Team

Meet the executive team of Yellowstone Capital's parent company. Read more
Brokers/ISOs Under Government Watch

The former head of the SBA says that brokers are being watched. Learn more

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Lending Club Releases Solid Earnings Report

Q3 Looked Good.  Read more

Biz2Credit and Customers Bank Announce Strategic Partnership

Biz2Credit will power the bank's digital experience. Learn more

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HMDA Ruling Indicates Section 1071 Implementation is Years Away

The CFPB's update to HMDA doesn't go into effect until 2018, which could mean Section 1071 is years away. Read more
Industry Land Grab is Squeezing Margins (WSJ / Money2020)

With so many companies fighting for the same customers, competitive pressure is building. Read more

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And is Anyone Double Checking Your Underwriting?
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