Newsletter Sent On: 04/12/2023

SBA Lifts SBLC Moratorium, 40 Year Pause Ends Read more

Georgia's Commercial Financing Disclosure Bill Now on the Governor's Desk
Georgia is set to become the latest state to pass a commercial financing disclosure law, with the bill having passed through both the House and Senate and awaiting Governor Brian P. Kemp's signature. Several other states are also debating similar bills in their legislatures. Read more

Kapitus Scores Major Capital
Via Businesswire Read more

Shaping Industry Experts With the CLFP
The CLFP is a certification program for professionals in the equipment finance and leasing industry, offering both in-person and online self-paced courses, as well as networking opportunities and ongoing contact with students. Read more

No, FedNow Payments are Not a Digital Currency
The Federal Reserve is launching a new instant payments service called FedNow in July 2023, but it is not a form of digital currency or a step towards eliminating cash. The Fed has stated that it would need support from Congress and the executive branch to consider issuing a central bank digital currency. Read more

Mental Health in The Funding Game
Executives in the technology, finance, healthcare, sales, and marketing industries should prioritize their mental health and take steps to ensure they are not pushing themselves too hard in order to achieve success. Open communication and self-care can help to create a balance between work and home life. Read more

Don't Run To The Big Banks Because of SVB!
By: David Roitblat, founder and CEO of Better Accounting Solutions Read more

Intuit Originated $933M in Small Business Loans in FY 2022
Intuit has seen a dramatic increase in small business loan originations, from $232M in FY 2021 to $933M in FY 2022, and potentially even more in the following quarter. Read more

Federal Judge: Legal Challenge to California's Commercial Financing Disclosure Law Has Merit, Orders SBFA Case to Proceed
The Small Business Finance Association's case against Clothilde Hewlett has been allowed to proceed, with the Court ruling that the claims of the State's commercial financing disclosure law being unconstitutional and preempted by the federal Truth in Lending Act have been sufficiently alleged. This outcome could have far reaching effects for the industry. Read more

John Henry to Keynote Broker Fair 2023
John Henry, entrepreneur and investor, is returning to Broker Fair in 2023 after speaking at the virtual event in 2020. He has since co-founded LOOP and will be in person at the event this year. Read more

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