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The dumbest person ever? No clear answer in alternative lending

Don't send your deal to just any lender

The Year of the Broker arguably has a subtitle, Year of the Fakester. There are companies purporting to be direct lenders that aren't. Industry vet John Tucker shares his advice on how brokers should select the right lenders. Read Story
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Hedge an economic downturn by shorting OnDeck, or not

Days after OnDeck went public in December 2014, a handful of their competitors licked their lips and said, “Perfect. Now we can hedge ourselves.”  But can they really? Read story

Are you happy with your current career in this industry?

Let funders and ISOs fight for you, without them even knowing your true identity. Read more
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By the time you're calling the lead, it might already be dead

The numbers are in, and they're not good. Reps in the business financing industry may be waiting until leads are statistically dead before even attempting to make first contact. Read more.
Defraud Merchant Cash Advance companies, go directly to jail

At least five merchant cash advance companies were victims in a scam that went on for longer than five years. The alleged mastermind was sentenced to 3.5 to 6 years in prison. Read more
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CAN Capital hits $5 billion milestone

You want to know who has funded more than twice as much as OnDeck? CAN has... Read release
Why online lending will take off with small business owners

Former SBA head Karen Mills asks the important questions: What happens to all this new capital in a downturn or when yield is available elsewhere? Can the new algorithms really predict which small businesses will succeed and which will fail? What about the high cost of some of these new loans? Read more
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Who has raised what again?

Starting on page 25, this document outlines the deals made in alternative finance, from consumer lending to merchant cash advance. Read
OnDeck looks north

First Australia, now Canada. OnDeck's U.S. models are showing signs of applicability in other nations. Read more
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