Newsletter Sent On: 11/12/2015

Industry Forums Crack Down on Anonymous Deal Grabbers

CFPB Signals Alarming Interest in Small Business Lending

A post by the CFPB invites an excited candidate to help regulate "fairness"  Read more
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The Telephone is the Broker's Best Friend

The phone is going to the be most efficient marketing tool for new entrants, says John Tucker    Read more
SoFi's Mike Cagney vs. Todd Baker

Who won the much awaited debate at the Marketplace Lending and Investing Conference?   Read more
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Brokers: It's okay to be a piker

John Tucker says it's okay to live a modest life. Not every broker needs to live large. Read more
Industry Will Shift to Keeping Deals On Balance Sheet

A summary of Day 1 at the Marketplace Lending and Investing Conference.  Read more

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Treasury Official Responds to RFI, Offers Mixed Feelings on the Industry

Antonio Weiss called for transparency. Read story
OnDeck's Q3 Earnings Showed Positive Signs

Profitable for the second straight quarter and the stock price is up. Read more
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The Quiet Innovator: Meet Dean Landis

Written by Todd Sherer. Read more
P2P Lending is Profitable, Even in a Recession

TechCrunch's Val Katayev has a startling revelation. Learn more

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Finding Our Best Selves

By Fundry's Isaac Stern on LinkedIn Pulse.  Read more

Expansion Capital Group Closes on Large Credit Facility

Northlight Financial and Bastion Management put it together. Learn more

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Banks Source of Income Inequality

The GOP Debate raised an interesting issue. And could marketplace lending be a fix? Read more
Jimmy Kimmel on Shark Tank

Kimmel stepped into the shoes of a small business on the Tank. Read more

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And is Anyone Double Checking Your Underwriting?
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