Newsletter Sent On: 04/21/2023

Side Effect? DF Adds Registry Lookup Links Read more

Amex to Continue Extending Credit to Small Businesses, Not in Same Position as Smaller Banks
American Express is confident in its ability to extend credit to small businesses, despite the current economic challenges, as CEO Steve Squeri explained during the company's quarterly earnings call. Read more

Percentage of Merchants Seeking MCAs in 2022 Waned But Approval Rate Went Up
The Federal Reserve's report showed that the approval rate for merchant cash advances was generous in 2022, with 90% of applicants being approved for some amount of capital, despite the decrease in the percentage of businesses seeking MCAs due to the pandemic and the proliferation of low-cost online lenders. Read more

Goldman Sachs Cutting Loose its Marcus Loan Portfolio, Is Going Hard on Savings Accounts
Goldman Sachs took a $470M loss on the partial sale of its Marcus loan portfolio and transferred the rest to held for sale, while still keeping Marcus as an online savings account brand. Goldman Sachs and Apple have now partnered to offer an Apple Card savings account with a 4.15% APY. Read more

Are Canadians Terrible at Self Promotion?
Nuvei, a Canadian-based technology company, has released a series of commercials featuring Ryan Reynolds as their new investor, poking fun at the idea that Canadian companies don't get enough attention due to their lack of self-promotion. Reynolds also revealed that he invested in Nuvei using Canadian dollars. Read more

What's Your Equipment Worth? They'll Tell You
Sandhills Global has been a central marketplace for selling heavy equipment since 1978, and offers a variety of used-equipment marketplaces such as Machinery Trader, Tractor House, and Truck Paper, as well as a value insight portal tool to help sellers understand the retail value versus the auction value. Read more

Only About Two Weeks Until Broker Fair 2023
Tickets are starting to run low. Don't wait until it's too late. Read more

Secured Lenders Maintain Confidence Despite Inflation, Interest Rates
The Secured Finance Network released data showing that asset-based lenders maintained a positive outlook despite persistent inflation and rising interest rates, with commitment runoff decreasing and new commitments increasing for non-bank lenders. Banks and non-banks reported solid portfolio performance, with credit-line utilization returning to traditional seasonal fluctuations. Read more

SBA Lifts SBLC Moratorium
The SBA has officially lifted the 40-year moratorium on licenses for Small Business Lending Companies (SBLCs) and amended various regulations governing the 7(a) and 504 loan programs, allowing for more competition and innovation in the market. They have also added a new type of lending entity called a Community Advantage SBLC and removed the requirement for a Loan Authorization in the 7(a) and 504 Loan Programs. Read more

Georgia's Commercial Financing Disclosure Bill Now on the Governor's Desk
Georgia is set to become the latest state to pass a commercial financing disclosure law, joining a list of states that already have similar laws in place. Several other states are also debating similar bills in their legislatures. Read more

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