Newsletter Sent On: 09/16/2015

If you could create your own funding dream team, would you?

Lead Management Fundamentals: How to purchase qualified leads

Blindbid's Michael O'Hare shares his perspective Read more
Get Those Merchants Funded
Competing Factions Hurts Industry's Message

A civil war could jeopardize the industry's future. What will the regulators make of all this?    Read more
Is the Small Business Administration Our Friend?

As regulators begin asking questions, one group responds with a message we're familiar with.   Read more
Get Those Merchants Funded

SBA Offers Balanced View of Our Industry in Latest Report

Patrick Siegfried shares his thoughts on the impact of the report. Read more
Merchant Cash and Capital is Now BizFi

BizFi was originally just a part of MCC's family. Now it's MCC's new name!  Read more

Get Those Merchants Funded
Submit Fake Statements, Go Directly to Jail

One small business used fake documents as part of an $18 million fraud.  Read story
Uh Oh, Choice of Law Provision Not Bulletproof 

Multiple state regulators challenging use of 'choice of law' clause in usury enforcement actions. Read more
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Yellowstone Capital to Drive Job Growth in New Jersey

The Garden State is luring one of the industry's biggest players. Read more
How to Get the Best Deal Out of Your Business Breakup

Fundera's Jared Hecht has advice that's useful for many in the industry that have partners. Learn more

Grab Some Leads and Fund Some Deals
The Lend360 Conference is shaping up to be a major industry event

This year's speaker line-up impresses. Visit Atlanta for the show October 13-15th.  Read more

Qwave Capital Steps Up Pressure to Acquire IOU Financial

Will this team of VCs succeed? Learn more

Grab Some Leads, an ACH Account and World Class Software
Not Protecting Merchant Data Could be an Unfair Act Under FTC Rules

Are you doing all you can to protect your data? Read more
Can Algorithms Discriminate? 

Certain underwriting practices may be illegal says Dennis Parker in the Huffington Post. Read more

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Photo of the Week
The Small Business Committee hosted a meet and greet between Committee Republicans and small business advocates on Capitol Hill last week. A few folks from our industry were in attendance.
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