I just wanted to send out a 2nd reminder about the recent update we made to the site for deBanked advertisers like yourself.

As mentioned in my previous email, we are adding some enhanced features that may interest you for your 2021 strategy and beyond.

The two most popular questions we receive are:

1. Is my ad getting clicks?
2. And how do I measure its performance?

First, all website advertisers will now have the ability to view their click-through totals in REAL TIME. You can do this by providing us with your deBanked forum username or having us set up an account for you. From there, you will be able to view your ad click-through totals anytime you want just by visiting the deBanked home page whenever you're logged in.

Second (Optional): a deBanked hosted landing page

For example: debanked[dot]com/xxxx-your-co-name-here

Curious to see if you can increase the conversions of your ad clicks? Try a deBanked hosted landing page that is optimized to boost calls, emails, and form submissions to maximize the value of your clicks. Also includes regular reporting. Reply back to us for more information.

You can also update your ad at any time. A periodic refresh of the graphics can increase the number of clicks it receives.

Sean Murray | President and Chief Editor
Main: (212) 220-9084