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Don't Steal Deals Bro. A good closer can start from scratch...

Bless You, Fund Me: What words predict about loan performance

According to a study, applicants that made references to God were 2.2x more likely to default on their loan. Read Story
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The Returns on P2P Lending May be Usurped by Riskless CDs

5-year CDs are already yielding as high as 2.25%. Meanwhile Lending Club yields are plummeting. Once taxes are considered, P2P may no longer make any economic sense. Read story

Business Lending is King to Institutional Investors

A survey revealed that institutional investors are more interested in small business lending than all other types of marketplace lending. Read more
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The Broker's Future: Are the good times over?

Industry veteran John Tucker argues the real money has already been made. Starting now is too late. Read more.
When the Money's Gone in Peer-to-Peer, It's Gone

P2P Lending isn't the stock market. You can't simply wait out your losses. That money is gone... Read more
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OnDeck Stock Pummeled in Run Up to Lockup Expiration

A Barron's story wasn't so kind to OnDeck and downward trending Lending Club has added pressure on them.  Read story
There's No Room for More Competition

Amanda Kingsley argues growth is impossible unless we clean up bad practices Read more
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Lendio Brokered More Than $10 Million Worth of Funding in April

A few of the lenders who funded deals in April on Lendio’s marketplace include LendingClub, OnDeck, Kabbage, DealStruck, Retail Capital, Strategic Funding Source, Merchants Capital Access, CAN Capital, Quick Bridge, Merchant Cash & Capital, and Pacific Premier Bank. Read more
No, P2P Isn't All Wall Street: Why it's dangerous to assume that

As the media cedes P2P Lending to Wall Street, retail investors worry they'll become roadkill. Learn more

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