Newsletter Sent On: 12/08/2023

Mastering Taxes for MCAs Read more

Nice Asset, Sure Would Love to Lend Against It
At the Domainer Expo in Las Vegas, a representative of the lending community proposed utilizing domain names as collateral for business loans. The value of the domain name would be based on the sales generated through the site, and a company could potentially put their domain name into escrow in seconds, without disruption to the website, making the loan process simpler and less complicated for both parties involved. Read more

Small Businesses More Understanding, Looking for LOCs
Enova remains committed to its highly compliant ISO partners Read more

Bluevine Partner Email Circulates
Around 300 resellers received an email from Bluevine's Partner Notifications account, stating their Referral Marketing Agreements were terminated, a move confirmed by a company representative who said they were transitioning away from the ISO/reseller model. Recently, Bluevine has made several strategic changes, including relocating its headquarters to Jersey City, NJ, launching an Accounts Payable solution, and offering protection of up to $3 million for business banking customers. Read more

Wait, Is Section 1071 On The Verge Of Being Cancelled?
The US House and Senate have voted to eliminate rules issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for small business lenders, which were detailed in an 888-page handbook and established through 13 years of research. The legislation does not, however, remove Section 1071 of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 that mandates these rules, meaning that if President Biden does not veto the legislation, the CFPB will have to draft a new set of rules. Read more

Expecting a Huge Turnout for deBanked CONNECT MIAMI
Prominent insiders have high expectations for a large turnout at deBanked CONNECT MIAMI on January 11th in Miami Beach, which will feature the first ever Broker Battle, an all-in-one broker info session called Broker Brilliance, a keynote from industry veteran David Goldin, technology showcases, and networking opportunities. Industry players have never shown this much interest in the event before. Read more

California Regulator Wins Disclosure Law Lawsuit
The CA DFPI won the disclosure law challenge on summary judgment Read more

Merchant Growth Secures $300M Forward Flow Facility
This facility supports Merchant Growth's plan to refinance thousands of Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loans, enabling small businesses to capitalize on the partial debt forgiveness opportunity offered by the federal government. Read more

Rapid Finance Releases White Paper
What You Should Know About Preventing Fraud and Optimizing Lending in The Age of Fintech Read more

Liberis Raises $112M
The funds will bolster their expansion across the UK and North America Read more

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