Newsletter Sent On: 08/26/2022

Just Two Months Until Broker Fair! Read more

Kapitus Increases Funding Capacity by $95M
This financing comes as Kapitus ushers in a new phase of growth, the company says Read more

Are Your Student Loans Eligible for Forgiveness?
Via CNBC Read more

Prosper Marketplace Originated $891.9M in Loans in Q2, Logs $42.6M Profit
Despite some uncertainty in the lending markets, Prosper Marketplace had a fairly good quarter. Read more

Junior Wall Streeters
Two years ago, Kevon Chisolm and son Kamari Chisolm paired together to create Junior Wallstreeter, a component of Black Wallstreeter, to empower the youth on financial wellness. The Virginia-based... Read more

Is Your Big Brand a Bank? You Can Turn it into One
Alviere is taking embedded finance to the next level Read more

Ocrolus Meets Lendflow
Fintech infrastructure company Ocrolus has joined forces with Lendflow, an embedded credit platform to make it easier and faster for lenders, fintech companies, and SaaS companies to offer credit. ... Read more

Inflation? So What - SMBs Are Bullish On the Rest of 2022
Eighty-nine percent of respondents projected that their small business will be doing the same, better, or much better by the end of the year, according to a recent survey conducted by IOU Financial. T... Read more

The Power of the Suit
Getting out of bed in the morning can be rough after a long night’s rest but jumping into your work outfit is like putting on a superhero cape to go out and save small businesses that need capital. Wo... Read more

Adjuster Accused of Scamming Took MCAs on Commissions
Via Claims Journal Read more

Fed Chair Warns of Pain Ahead
Via CNBC: More pain to come in the fight against inflation Read more

Receivership in CoreFund Capital Situation
A Factor is in Chapter 11, leaving a trail of chaos Read more

Funding Circle Partners With Farm Bureau Bank
Farm Bureau Bank will purchase loans through the Funding Circle Marketplace Read more

Courts on Loans in True Sales vs MCAs
Worth a read if you do MCAs Read more

Jeremy Siegel Says Fed Should Raise Rates 100bps
The famed economist says that the Fed needs to be aggressive Read more

Fundbox Hires Ofer Karp as CTO
Previously, Karp was Executive Vice President of Engineering at WalkMe Read more


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