Newsletter Sent On: 12/29/2015

Collateral is Back. Luxury ABL is Gaining Traction

Meet Dan DeMeo and CAN Capital in "Beyond Hyperbole"

From deBanked's November/December Magazine issue.   Read more
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Can California Lenders Pay Referral Fees to Unlicensed Brokers?

Attorneys from Hudson Cook, LLP break down what's happening in California.    Read more
Are you damned if you do and damned if you don't in California?   Read more
Verify Banks and Get Your Deals Funded

Getting a California Lenders License

Attorney Paul Rianda guides you through the process you might have been thinking about. Read more
World Business Lenders Rings in 2016

An end-of-year event introduced predictions and optimism for 2016, at least for their methodology.   Read more

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The CFPB Gets Caught Faking Data, Gets Scolded by Congress

The CFPB is al little less powerful today after being caught phonying up the numbers.   Read story
John Tucker argues that sales takes more than a state of mind, especially these days.  Read more
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BizBloom Lights Up Times Square

A campaign that celebrates entrepreneurship is up on the big screen in the big city. Read more

Yellowstone's parent company supported entrepreneurship in a big way recently.   Read more
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Bernie Sanders Might Not Understand How Lending Works

Was Bernie's question on twitter just political rhetoric or a hint he doesn't get it?   Read more

BizFi Secures $65 Million in Financing

The structured financing facility will be used to drive company growth.  Learn more

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Former Deputy Staff Director of the House Committee on Small Business is new Executive Director of the SBFA.   Read more
Lender or Broker, Do You Know Your Partner?

Don't assume someone is direct just because they say they are, says John Tucker. Read more

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