Newsletter Sent On: 03/18/2015


After St. Patrick's Day, it's possible you might need a cup of coffee. I know I need one. That's why Expansion Capital Group would like to perk you up with the following:

When was the last time you went to Starbucks and the barista spit in your drink? Never (that you know of), right? An essential part of Starbucks' business plan is its emphasis on great customer service in all of its branches worldwide. Drink doesn't taste quite right? They will replace it with no question. Drink has three pumps of sugar-free hazelnut syrup instead of one? They will remake it.

Expansion Capital Group is like that for the ISOs, funding advisors, and brokers that we partner with; we'll remake your drink eight times if that's what it takes to get you a deal that works for your merchant. We believe strongly in treating others the way we'd like to be treated, and we treat our ISO and funding advisor partners with the same respect and individualized attention that we provide our merchant borrowers.

Partner with us and we'll give you a 7-12% referral fee for every funded deal you bring us. Plus, as an extra thank you, we'll bump your "grande" to a "venti" with an extra 1-3% in referral fees with set funded volume goals each month. That's a whole lot of iced caramel macchiatos, on us.

To learn more about this opportunity to partner with ECG, call John McKenzie at (605)809-8309 or email him at

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