Newsletter Sent On: 03/23/2023

Time Kills Deals Read more

Register for Broker Fair
Broker Fair is almost here! May 8th - NYC. Don't wait until it's too late! Read more

New California Disclosure Rules Reduce Capital Available to Small Businesses
In a poll conducted by a leading trade association, since new CA disclosure rules were implemented in December 2022, 40% of respondents were found to be "no longer lending" to prospective borrowers wh... Read more

Fed Raises Rates By 25 bps
Via CNBC Read more

Lendio Survey Reports 100% Stability in the Industry
The dataset was limited to 21 of its own active partners but nevertheless... Read more

Rapid Finance Rebrands Thrive to Decisioneer
Thrive was the company's recently acquired end-to-end digital lending platform Read more

'It's Fun': More Women Are Getting Into the Truck Driving Business
"I decided to go to truck driving school on a dare really and I ended up here driving," said Brenda Echols, a female truck driver. "I've been driving since 2012. It was frightening at first but I actu... Read more

And Now Florida Has Introduced a Commercial Financing Disclosure Bill
Florida has joined the chorus of states introducing commercial financing disclosure bills. While Florida's bill looks more like Utah's than it does California's or New York's, it seems to make a point... Read more

Working With Multiple Brokers for a Business Loan? Here's What to Talk About With Them
If you decide to engage with multiple brokers at once to try and secure the best possible business loan terms, here are some tips to ensure that happens:1. Request a clear breakdown of loan terms ... Read more

White House Feels Pressure of Crypto
The President's 2023 annual economic report looked very very different than 2022 Read more

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