Newsletter Sent On: 07/29/2021

Greenbox Capital Acquired Level Up Funding Read more

Talking Valuations With Gunes Kulaligil
Video: One-on-one with Kulaligil of Methodical Valuation and Advisory Read more

NJ Resurrects Small Business Finance Disclosure Bill
New Jersey's legislature has revived its small business finance disclosure bill. Having languished since last January, the Senate Commerce Committee quietly gave it a favorable report this past June. ... Read more

Your Merchant Might Be Eligible For More From the SBA
For businesses that have held on into 2021, it's possible that another grant might still be available. The SBA's Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, rolled out in April, was received by the general... Read more

Update on PAR Funding Case
Little has changed in the PAR Funding case since the last update. PAR's assets are being handily liquidated by the Receiver while the defendants maintain that the Receiver intentionally destroyed a we... Read more

And The Best Online Bank is... LendingClub?
The online lending community that once offered borrowers the opportunity to Read more

deBanked TV Surpasses 400 Helpful Videos on Small Business Finance and Fintech
deBanked TV surpassed 400 total videos this week in its free library of content. More than 40 such videos contain basic tutorials and terminology definitions for folks in the SMB lending and MCA indus... Read more

Fraudsters May Leverage Their PPP Approvals to Get Business Loans and MCAs
A small business finance underwriter torn between approving or declining an applicant probably should not consider whether or not that business got PPP funding as evidence of the applicant's legitimac... Read more

Square Capital is Now Just a Bank Loan Product
Square Capital has been reduced to just one of several banking products under the Square Financial Services umbrella. That's one result of Square successfully becoming a bank earlier this year. Lo... Read more

Video: Should I start an ISO With Only $2k?
Johny Fernandez asks Sean Murray if his answer to the question has changed since 2015. Read more

Got a CFL License in Cali? You Have to Change It.
Via Leasing News: California put CFL license holders on notice that they have until the end of the year to obtain a new license. Read more

Tether Execs Under DOJ Investigation
A story originated on Bloomberg is now spreading Read more


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