Newsletter Sent On: 12/14/2023

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Expansion Capital Group Announces $1 Billion Funding Milestone — Supporting the Expansion of U.S. Small Businesses
Expansion Capital Group (ECG) has announced it has provided $1bn in funding to more than 20,000 small businesses across the US since its inception in 2013. ECG's solutions, including its six to 11 month working capital product and industry-leading Partner Portal, have supported businesses throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent economic pressure, while investments in new technology have enabled underwritten approvals in under an hour. Read more

Legal Risks: Penalties for Non-Compliance in Revenue-Based Financing
States like California, Virginia, Utah, New York, Florida, Georgia, and Connecticut have specific regulations requiring commercial financing funders to provide mandatory financial disclosures and states impose significant legal and financial penalties for noncompliance. While each state's law varies, all of them aim at improved transparency, customer protection and fair practices in financing, to avoid legal penalties and foster an ecosystem built on trust, integrity, responsible funding. Read more

Missouri Resurrects its Commercial Financing Disclosure Bill
For the third time, Missouri has introduced a commercial financing disclosure bill, Senate Bill 753, which includes a broker licensing requirement. The bill stipulates that brokers can't negotiate any deals for Missouri merchants until they are registered, and they would also need an annual license renewal. Read more

FCC Officially Closes the Lead Generator Loophole
Get ready for some changes Read more

Cross River Extends $150M Credit Facility to Best Egg
Best Egg and Cross River have been partners since 2013. Read more

Kapital secures $165M in equity, debt to provide financial visibility to LatAm SMBs
Via Techcrunch Read more

Fed Keeps Rates Steady, Plans Future Rate Cuts
The stock market is soaring as a result. Via CNN Read more

SumUp Secures $307M
SumUp, a rival to Jack Dorsey’s Block, defies fintech funding slump. Via CNBC Read more

Broker Battle Contestants Announced
Industry history is happening on January 11th in Miami Beach Read more

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