UCC-1 and UCC-3 Filings by Merchant Cash Advance Companies & Alternative Business Lenders

Welcome: Business owners, creditors, lawyers, and all others who have discovered or suspect a UCC filing by a Merchant Cash Advance Company or Business Lender.

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Banks and Creditors: The traditional definition of a Merchant Cash Advance is a purchase of a business’s future sales. If you are a bank or creditor, UCC filings by Merchant Cash Advance firms are all different. To determine if they will affect your ability to extend credit or interfere with your collateral position, contact the funding source to be sure.

Prospective business buyers: Purchasing  a business that has an active UCC filing by a Merchant Cash Advance firm may constitute a breach of contract for the seller. It may also entitle the Merchant Cash Advance firm to continue collecting their purchased sales after new ownership takes possession of the business.

Lawyers and landlords: Generally a UCC by a Merchant Cash Advance firm is different than that of a true creditor. To be sure of the specifics, contact the funding source.

Business Owners: If you believe your UCC should be terminated or is filed in error, please contact the funding source to remove it. A UCC-1 is filed in the state you conduct business and serves as a public notice and/or lien on specified property.

Company NamePhone numberUCC Alias 1Alias 2Alias 3Alias 4Alias 5
Yellowstone Capital 800-955-2411 EZ Business Cash Advance
Yalber 877-261-9139 H Capital
World Global Financing 866-881-1128
Wall Funding 877-851-3880 Global Merchant Cash
Viking Funding Group 855-928-1919
The Business Backer 866-615-4747
Superior Capital 866-606-4545
Strategic Funding Source 800-780-7133 Colonial Funding Network
Sterling Funding 866-456-5638 Quik Capital
Snap Advances 877-557-7627 Tango Capital Zulu Capital
Smart Choice Capital
Romi Merchant Services 888-725-7760 Universal Funds Universal Merchant Solutions
RetailCapital / Credibly 888-664-1444 Death Valley LLC Red River Ridge LLC
RapidAdvance 877-467-2743 SBFN SBFS LLC Mopsley Solutions
Rapid Capital Funding 888-344-0095
Quick Cash Business Services
Prosperity Gold Capital 818-379-9574 Prosperity
Professional Merchant Advance Capital 631-901-1050
Principis Capital LLC 888-839-6925 First Funds
Premium Merchant Funding One, LLC 646-780-8720 Premium Merchant Funding
PowerUp Lending Group, Ltd. 888-705-3004
Pinnacle Merchant Advance
Pearl Capital 347-899-4029 Pearl Capital Rivis Venturs, LLC Pearl Cash Horizon Business Funding Pearl Beta Funding LLC
Par Funding 215-922-2636 Complete Business Solutions Group
Nextwave Enterprises 305-571-7300 Genesis Capital Enterprises Genesis Capital Partners GCP
New Era Lending LLC 302-883-8306
Mother Funding 469-402-1118 Rockwall Capital LLC
Money for Merchants 305-538-5050
Merchants Capital Access 877-690-4882 MCA Fixed Payment LLC
Merchant Resources International 800-277-1750
Merchant Cash Group 866-610-6559 Strategic Funding Partners
Merchant Cash Funding
Merchant Cash and Capital 212-545-3180
Merchant Cash Advance of Texas 713-785-4646
Merchant Capital Source 866-969-7878
Merchant Business Credit, Inc. 212-918-0950
Merchant Advance Pay 310-328-0200
Merchant Advance Partners
Merchant Advance Funding LP 212-213-0193
Max Merchant Funding 877-294-4448
Max Advance 866-629-4464
Lending Club 888-596-3159 Lendingclub Corporation
Last Chance Funding 888-499-2939 The LCF Group
Knight Capital Funding 800-701-2317 Knight Capital Funding II, LLC
Kings Cash Group, LLC 800-918-2002
Kash Capital 516-368-4954
Kabbage 888-986-8263
IRN Payment Systems 866-865-7927 Merchant Rewards Network
IOU Financial 866-217-8564 IOU Central Inc.
Infinity Capital Funding 877-422-7501 Infinity Capital Advisors
Hop Capital 212-233-2606
Happy Rock Merchant Solutions 800-762-5124
GRP Funding 877-571-7999
Greenbox Capital 855-442-3423 Merchant Capital Group LLC
Green Growth Funding 888-447-6894 Green Growth Partners, LLC
Gibraltar Capital Advance 847-272-9618
GBR Funding Inc 678-813-4700 Greystone Business Resources
Funding Circle 855-385-5356 FC Marketplace, LLC
Fundation 888-390-0064 Fundation Group LLC
Fora Financial 212-947-0100 Empire Merchant Advance Fora Financial Advance, LLC Fora Financial Business Loans, LLC Fora Financial West, LLC
First Data 954-851-7000 First Data Merchant Cash Advance
Finish Line Capital 732-853-0332 FLC
Financing Solutions LLC 862-207-4118
Factor Funding 877-336-4575
Express Working Capital 866-962-4922
Experience Finance 800-286-9607
Epic Advance, Inc 888-811-9113
Empire Funding 347-622-3991
Direct Merchant Funding LLC 718-648-5600 Nexus Payment Systems
DF Merchant Advance 866-337-2537 Duvera Billing Services
DB Squared Inc 866-855-3640
Corporation Service Company (continued) 800-927-9800 Financial Agent Services Secured Lender Solutions LLC
Corporation Service Company 800-927-9800 Corp Service Co CHTD Company CT Corporation System ASSN Company CSC, AS REPRESENTATIVE
Corona Advances 866-317-9986
Commonwealth Merchant Advance, Inc. 646-415-7965
Centerboard Funding 888-549-2111
Cash Cow Capital LLC 877-236-0306
Capital For Merchants 877-898-2079 WindShadow Garden Ventures 250 Ventures International Channel Systems The Benjamins
CapCall LLC 347-657-9797
CAN Capital (continued) 866-700-6486 Capital Options LLC Aureolin Services APZB Industries VCE Enterprises
CAN Capital 866-700-6486 AdvanceMe Minglewood Services Sound Garden Rhino Services Birdsong Services
Byzfunder 888-476-0755 Byzfunder NY LLC
Business Financial Services 866-411-4006 Faton Inc BFS West Inc.
Business Credit and Capital 347-274-0907 Business Credit & Capital
Business Consulting Options 877-504-3555
Bushwich Merchant Services 888-546-3180
Bolstr 312-224-8749 BOLSTR, INC
Boca Capital Partners 800-801-6242 American Capital Advance
BizFunds 866-307-7241
Bankers Healthcare Group Inc. 954-384-9119
Bankcard Funding/Partners Funding 888-221-4545 BC Funding, LLC
Balboa Capital 888-225-2621 Receivables Advance
ARF Financial 866-702-4430 VWM Group, LLC
AmeriMerchant/Capify 800-267-3790 Merchants Advance The Advance Funding Company Apex Advance, LLC
American Stimulus Funding 888-740-1175 ASF Capital Corp
American Merchant Receivables LLC 888-514-5795 Nectar Advances
American Finance Solutions 800-760-5516
American Capital Advance 800-599-9158
American Allied Funding 888-551-9929
Amazon Capital Services Amazon.com
ACH Capital 212-804-7010 Capital Stack LLC
Accord Business Funding 713-529-2570
1st Merchant Funding 305-398-4270

Firms that have ceased direct funding operations:
Acacia Funding: 206-340-8910
CashReady, LLC: 310-398-1516
Cash On Demand: AKA Cash-On-Demand 888-527-3274
Dealstruck AKA Mybuinessloan.com LLC: 855-610-5626
Fast Capital: AKA JR FINANCE Co.    No longer has contact information
Global Swift Funding:  gsfusa@hslfinancial.com
Ifunds Cash Solutions: 800-554-4777
Infinicap: 866-754-9080
Merit Capital Advance: 866-419-0649
Reach Financial: 203-862-9400
Royal Advance: 877-667-9730
Windset Capital Corporation: 855-761-8299

Funding firms, you may add your company to this database by e-mailing us.

This data is for informational purposes only. Records maintained by deBanked.com/Raharney Capital, LLC