Newsletter Sent On: 05/28/2015

Sneak Peek: The business financing industry plotted on a map. 

OnDeck Gets a Taste of its Own Medicine

After years of OnDeck roasting merchant cash advance companies for a lack of transparency and high cost, they get accused of the same thing. Read Story
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The Co-brokering Phenomenon

Even brokers need a broker in the business financing industry. But it's a slippery slope. Read story

Are Merchants Preying on the Ultimate Small Business Fixer?

The Profit TV Star Marcus Lemonis has been stabbed in the back by another New York-based business. And the law doesn't appear to be on his side. Read more
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Best Practices Becomes Key to PSC's Model. Aligns with Hudson Cook Law Firm

As two trade groups separately develop a set of best practices for the industry, PSC is ready to do their part. Read more.
Is There No Such Thing as An Exclusive Lead?

The lead got sold to just one company, but the merchant applied via five different websites all on their own. Is the lead exclusive or elusive??? Read more
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Small Business Loan Brokers Need a Code of Ethics

Fundera's Brayden McCarthy is at it again, this time calling out business financing brokers in American Banker.  Read story
There's Nothing Proprietary about Lending Club

Is Lawrence Meyers right? Read more
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Brock Blake of Lendio Expands on Regulatory Arbitrage Comment

At the LendIt conference, Blake asked a panel if they thought the industry's growth was really just temporary regulatory arbitrage. He expands on that here in his post on Forbes. Read more
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