Newsletter Sent On: 11/30/2015

ABC's Shark Tank and Alternative Lending Collide Again

MCA Is the Real Square IPO Story

More than a payment processor, Square buys good 'ol fashioned credit card receivables  Read more
Get Leads and Your Deals Funded
How Some Funding Brokers are Making the Lives of Other Brokers Easier

John Tucker explains that some sales practices push merchants right to your competitors.    Read more
An APR Debate Began on Twitter, Continues on deBanked and Inc.

Read the transcript here  and Ami Kassar's continued rebuttal here
Get Leads, Verify Bank Accounts, and Deals Funded

CFPB Begins Work on Small Business Collection Rule

Dodd-Frank's section 1071 is now a "current initiative". Read more
Does How Much You Fund Make You a Good Broker?

John Tucker attempts to quantify good, average and superstar.  Read more

Use a Leading CRM and Get Your Deals Funded
Obama's Crowning Achievement is Small Business Access to Capital - Wahington Post

Gene Marks says Obama paved the way for alternative business lenders. Awards an "A"   Read story
SBA Chief Wants Alternative Lenders to Make Rates "More Rational"

Maria Contreras-Sweet won't promote alternative lenders until their rates come down. Read more
Fund Your Merchants
The UCC Boom is Over

John Tucker urges brokers to try something else for once. Read more

Peter Renton is Earning Over 10% in P2P Lending

How do you stack up against these stats? Learn more

Get Your Merchants Funded
MCA History in Honor of Thanksgiving

The industry started hundreds of years ago ;-)  Read more

FDIC Warns Banks About Underwriting Risks of Marketplace Lenders

The FDIC tells banks not to substitute their own underwriting with those of marketplace lenders  Learn more

Get Leads and Try a Unique Funder
Madden v Midland Has Been Appealed to the Supreme Court

But will they take the case? Read more
MCA: A Look Back and Plan Forward

8-year underwriting veteran Andrew Hernandez shares his observations about the industry. Read more

Fund Those Merchants
And is Anyone Double Checking Your Underwriting?
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Taken on Nov. 19th, the day Square went public.

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