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With OnDeck going public soon, are we really ready for this? Click here

The Bitcoin Center in NYC attracts everything you fear and hope about bitcoin.

I spent a "Satoshi Monday"  in the bitcoin lion's den and lived to talk about it. 

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Everything is Riding on Lending Club

From PYMNTS.com: "No other alternative lender trades on the public markets"

Translation: Don't screw this up for everyone. All of alternative lending is counting on you.

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Why I retired the Merchant Processing Resource Name 
4 and a half years after i launched www.merchantprocessingresource.com as the merchant cash advance industry's blog, it's time to acknowledge the changes taking place. How much merchant processing is everyone really doing now?
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They said bitcoin was a scam. I wasn't convinced
My first introduction to bitcoin was that it was a hoax perpetuated by "libertarian anarchists". And the first book I read about it was called "BitCon". Some people really HATE bitcoin so I went to check it out for myself.   
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Rumor Mill

The lastest word on the street is that we may see several merchant cash advance companies acquired in the first quarter of 2015, maybe even earlier.

Private equity loves the industry. 2015 is the year to get funded!

Lending Club's S-1 (3rd revision)

Lending Club has revised their S-1 registration form. Did you know that retail investors on their platform were offered a piece of the IPO? This special opportunity was called the Directed Share Program (DSP). Did you get in on it?

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