Newsletter Sent On: 08/26/2015

Their findings were recently published...

BFS has acquired Entrust Merchant Solutions

This summer has been packed with M&A activity Read more
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Industry experts considering independent, yet voluntary accreditations for sales reps

If there was an all-in-one legal, ethics, and professionalism course/class/seminar dedicated to this industry that you could send your sales reps off to, would you do it? Take this important survey:    Read more
Does the industry have bank envy?

In 2015, state licenses, bank charters, and other traditional pursuits are all the rage.   Read the full magazine story
Underwriting, Software, and ACH Processing

Study confirms that a personal touch improves payback performance

Complete automation and human detachment might not be as brilliant as some think. Read more
Critic predicts alternative lending's doom and is quickly dismissed

Todd Baker and Mike Cagney faced off on American Banker. Is one of them biased?  Read more

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There's a chance the Madden v. Midland ruling is final

After the appellate court refused to rehear the case, industry insiders are wondering what to expect next.  Read story
Get ready to hear a lot about "choice of law" provisions

In a post-Madden v. Midland world, choice of law provisions are the next line of defense. Read more
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Are your sales methods Wimpy?

Industry insider Amanda Kingsley offers three tips to avoid being Wimpy. Read more
Buyers of marketplace notes could potentially see them ruled null and void

You may face way more risks than deals simply going bad... Learn more

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The Lend360 Conference is shaping up to be a major industry event

This year's speaker line-up impresses. Visit Atlanta for the show October 13-15th.  Read more

Your deBanked magazine might come with free swag...

Thanks again to Lenders Marketing. Learn more

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Catch up on relevant industry court decisions

Check out some of the recent legal briefs published on deBanked. Read more
Is Wall Street pulling back its support of the industry?

An article in Bloomberg says a recent legal ruling makes the industry less attractive. Read more

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