Newsletter Sent On: 01/14/2016

A Recession Could Turn the Industry into Hunger Games

Online Lenders Plummet Simultaneously to All-time Lows

The market hates everything right now, especially these companies apparently.   Read more
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MCA Industry Predictions for 2016

Here's what John Tucker believes is up ahead.    Read more
Usury in California? Not a problem unless you're really stupid apparently.    Read more
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Meet the US-based Marketplace Lending Platform Where Investors Make Nothing

Kiva Zip is the anti-Lending Club because you get to know everything about the borrower. Read more
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Catch up on Past Issues of deBanked Magazine Online

Our magazine stories cover the industry from a perspective you can't find anywhere else.   Read story
For $495, access the only report ever compiled of its kind.  Read more
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2015's Year of the Broker is OVER

Here's everything you missed in one page. Read more

It's never too early in the year for M&A activity.   Read more
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The Story Behind Brendan Ross's Hedge Fund

Direct Lending Investments loves investing in small business loans. Here's the story behind it.   Read more

Verify Bank Accounts and Fund Deals
He's the former Head of Digital Products for Farmers Insurance Group in Wilmington, DE and Los Angeles   Read more
Are You Weak, Or Are the Leads Weak?

John Tucker thinks sales managers are outdated. Read more

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