Newsletter Sent On: 03/04/2024

New Industry Expo is Coming to Vegas in the Fall Read more

Intuit Experiences Big Business Loan Surge
Intuit saw a significant 70% increase in small business funding activity, reaching $469M in FY Q2 2024 (which ended Jan 31, 2024), from $279M in FY Q1 2024, according to the latest earnings report. This boost reflects a similar upward trend in the sector, with rivals such as Square Loans and Enova also reporting record quarters for originations. Read more

Louisiana Introduces New Disclosure Bill
Louisiana has introduced SB 335, a disclosure bill modeled after a similar law recently passed in Florida. Other states currently considering similar legislation include Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. Read more

Cash (Basis) is King
Doing MCA? Consider this accounting method. Read more

Last Chance for Broker Fair Early Bird Tickets
Broker Fair is coming to NYC on May 20, 2024. Take advantage of the early bird pricing now. Read more

How Square Became a Top Funder (Video)
A breakdown of what makes their product so successful Read more

My Real Estate Was Turned into an NFT. I Used that NFT as Collateral for a Loan.
The writer bought an NFT that represents ownership of a plot in Arizona, and was able to use it as collateral for a loan through a P2P NFT loan marketplace called NFTfi. They argue that the use of NFT-backed real estate as collateral is a game-changer for lenders who are cautious of risk, as this form of collateral has actual value in the physical world unlike other popular forms of NFT collateral such as digital artwork. Read more

Square Generated $4.78B in Business Loans in 2023
Block's small business loan division, Square Loans, generated $4.78 billion in loans in 2023, surpassing its closest competitor Enova by $1.5 billion. The figures have minimal impact on Block's overall earnings, which generated $21.92 billion in net revenue in 2023, largely buoyed by its bitcoin business. Read more

GoDaddy Enables Any Website Domain To Accept Payments
GoDaddy, the web hosting service and domain name registrar, is offering a new feature that allows website owners to use their domain names as a crypto wallet address for collecting payments, including digital dollars. To activate this, website owners simply need to go to their GoDaddy DNS settings, click the Read more

The Biggest Small Business Funders
The list of the top small business funders in 2023 includes companies like Square, Enova, PayPal, Shopify, Amazon, Intuit, and Parafin. The specific data regarding their funding is not entirely available. Read more

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