Newsletter Sent On: 12/07/2015

Forget the Brokers, Predatory Merchants Feast on Alternative Funders

Google Serves Low Blow to MCA Seekers

Suspiciously good search rankings for Google-owned companies take on a new twist   Read more
Get Your Deals Funded
An In-depth Look at the OnDeck/Chase Deal

LendAcademy's Peter Renton has gathered some more details about the landmark announcement.    Read more
Fundry's Isaac Stern Hosts Successful Fundraiser

On December 5th, Stern and guests raised more than $60,000 for a local non-profit    read more
Get Your Deals Funded and a CRM

Don't Quit So Early: Sometimes the Merchant Needs More Time

Sales reps tend to quit too early says John Tucker. Read more
Goldman Sachs Poaches OnDeck's Chief Architect

Goldman is serious about getting into tech-based lending.  Read on Fortune

Get Your Merchant Funded
Alternative Lenders Appear on CNBC's The Profit

This merchant was low on options, even when Lemonis offered a lifeline   Read story
The Evolving Nature of Capital in Marketplace Lending

Institutional demand has continued to grow according to the Huffington Post. Read more
Fund Your Merchants
Lending Club Borrower Exceeds Credit Inquiry Cap, is Listed Anyway

Investors were concerned by what they saw and asked Lending Club for info. Read more

OnDeck Australia Targets Young and Unsecured 

OnDeck plans to turn up the volume in Australia   Read more

Get Your Merchants Funded
Australian Bank Tests Sending Declines to Prospa (Strategic Funding Source)

Strategic Funding Source's Australian affiliate is getting bank declines   Read more

Funding Circle's Sam Hodges Speaks About The OnDeck/Chase Deal

Hodges appeared on Bloomberg TV to speak about the OnDeck/Chase announcement  Learn more

Get Leads and Try a Unique Funder
Square Becomes Target for Short Sellers

Already there is downward pressure on their stock - Reuters. Read more

Fund Those Merchants, Get Leads, and Verify Bank Docs
And is Anyone Double Checking Your Underwriting?
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