Newsletter Sent On: 09/06/2023

Experts: How GFE Went Big Read more

Protecting Your Syndicated MCA Investments
So how can investors protect their investments in syndicated MCA deals? Read more

New York's Fourth Department: Revenue Purchase Agreements Are Not Loans
The Appellate Division, Fourth Department affirmed the lower court's decision that the revenue purchase agreements between Samson MCA LLC and Joseph A. Russo M.D. P.C./IV Therapeutics PLLC, DBA Aspire Med Spa & Joseph Russo & Marco V Beatrice were not loans, but rather revenue purchase agreements. Read more

Prosper Originates $595.6M in Q2
Prosper Marketplace's Q2 loan originations were down 33% from the same period last year due to reduced investor demand in the current uncertain economic environment. Read more

What Kind of Deals are Good / Not So Good
Industries with stable, recurring revenue models, such as healthcare and essential services, have shown strong repayment history due to consistent demand, while the trucking industry has seen an increase in challenges of operational costs increases, economic and supply chain issues, and increased competition. Construction is also very challenging due to the current economy, but home healthcare businesses have been among the most resilient. Read more

Loan Volumes Strong, Approvals Cautious in Small Business Finance Space
Small business finance companies are proceeding cautiously in this current environment, and are communicating the heightened risk to potential customers. Read more

How Alternative Lending is Helping Small Businesses
By Oz Konar for Inc. Read more

Bluevine Now Offers 12X FDIC insurance coverage
Using a network of 17 program banks with sweep accounts, Bluevine (and Coast Community Bank) customers can get enhanced FDIC insurance. Read more

Only 2 Weeks Until deBanked CONNECT San Diego
deBanked CONNECT San Diego is just 2 weeks away! Read more

Connecticut's New Law Took Aim at Prejudgment Remedies
SB1032, signed into law by Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, amends the code governing prejudgment remedies, requiring commercial financing contracts to not contain any provisions waiving a recipient's right to notice, judicial hearing or prior court order when obtaining prejudgment remedies, and also requires brokers to register in order to broker deals to Connecticut merchants. Read more

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