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ISOs and Brokers have mixed feelings about clawbacks.

deBanked's July/August issue goes in the mail on Thursday 8/13

Sorry for the 1-week delay. But the issue is printed and goes in the mail on Thursday. Read more
New Funding Brokers Struggle As Industry Grows

Newbies have gotten themselves into some perplexing situations. They could use a hand.   Read more
Is This OnDeck Class Action Lawsuit a Sham?

At the heart of the lawsuit is a bogus calculation published by a convicted stock felon... Read story

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IOU Financial Fights Hostile Takeover Attempt (and it gets weird)

Some people told us this story was a little sensational, but the truth is stranger than fiction. Read more
Are Your Direct Mail and PPC Response Rates Changing?

During the Q2 Earnings call, OnDeck said the competition had gotten tougher out there.  Read more
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Addressing Stress Over Declined Deals

As brokers, hope is sometimes all we have. Have you ever just wanted to crawl into bed?  Read story
Business Financial Services Joins the Billion Dollar Club

Another funder confirmed that they had funded more than a billion dollars since inception. Read more
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Yellowstone Capital Continues to Reach New Heights

This NYC-based funder is raising eyebrows with their numbers. Are they the industry's dark horse? Read more
SoFi Notes Were Rated AAA (Can they really be as safe as the U.S. Dollar?!)

Move over everyone, SoFi is a Fintech superstar! Learn more

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First Comments to the Treasury RFI

Responses are public so here's what was submitted already. Read more
Do Borrowers of a Feather Flock Together?

Facebook's got a pretty good patent, but then again so does Kabbage. Learn more

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Failure to Prove Damages Dooms Usury Claim

Usury is a rather complex issue. Read this brief by Patrick Siegfried, Esq. Read more
Creative Ways to Leverage Your ISO Financially

You gotta spend to earn. Check out these creative ways to leverage your company. Read more

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Will You Be at This Year's Lend360?

This year's Lend360 Conference in Atlanta, GA has an excellent speaker lineup. Among them is: 

  • Dan DeMeo, CEO, CAN Capital
  • Kathryn Petralia, COO/Co-Founder, Kabbage
  • James Hobson, COO, OnDeck
  • Matt Burton, CEO, Orchard
  • Larry Chiavaro, Executive VP, First Associates Loan Servicing, LLP

It's October 13-15. I hope to see you there.

- Sean Murray

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