Newsletter Sent On: 08/16/2023

Funding Companies Showcase Massive Growth Read more

After Comeback WBL Hits The Express Lane
World Business Lenders resumed funding in April with a new digital approach, spearheaded by John Milligan, and introduced the ISO Express program to streamline the loan process. They also simplified their product to a standard interest rate and term, leading to an increase in the total number of ISOs registered with WBL. Read more

Loan Applicants Might Just Give Up After Unattractive Offer
Offering unattractive loan terms may not drive prospects into the arms of a competitor, but instead discourage them from searching any further; Upstart's experience suggests that the majority of applicants who don't take their loan don't take one from a competing source either. Read more

Eyebrows Raised as Trucking Industry Looks on at Yellow Corp
The sudden closure of Yellow Corp. has left thousands of truck drivers without jobs and has caused a potential influx of trucks to the resale market, which could lead to a decrease in prices. The future of the trucking industry is uncertain, but the demand for consumer and corporate carriers still exists. Read more

PayPal Names New CEO
And he's from the small business unit at Intuit. Via Techcrunch Read more

Rapid Finance Adds NY Disclosure to API Service
Rapid's got the disclosure process all figured out. Read more

Bank Issues Humorous Quarterly Earnings Statement
First Guaranty Bank, operating primarily in Louisiana and Texas, has demonstrated resilience and strength in the face of adversity, delivering extraordinary results to shareholders, customers, and staff members. They have also increased loan interest income to offset the increased cost of deposits, resulting in a profit of over $2,000,000 for the quarter. Read more

What's In Your Cup?
Different people have different routines and preferences when it comes to caffeine consumption, ranging from coffee to Diet Coke. For some, it helps to increase productivity, while for others it can be too much. Read more

Last Call for the Special Room Rate
Attending deBanked CONNECT San Diego? This is the last chance to take advantage of the special room rate! Read more

UK Launches £1B Fintech Fund
The goal is to compete with Silicon Valley. Via CNBC Read more

SumUp Raises $100M for MCAs
MCA in the UK is still a booming biz Read more

56% Say its Student Loan Payments or Groceries
The resumption of student loan payments is apparently coming with some hard choices Read more

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