Newsletter Sent On: 03/31/2023

Federal Regulator: Here's 888 pages of new small biz finance rules. Start complying in 2024 Read more

Canada Reduces Max APR Cap From 47% to 35%
The government of Canada announced that it will be reducing the max allowable loan APR under the Criminal Code from 47% to 35%. The startling news was included in the annual federal budget report... Read more

BEFN: A New Networking Space for Black Equipment Finance Professionals
"The event's theme, ‘forging inclusive excellence in equipment finance,’ set the tone for the group's mission to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the industry," said George Parker... Read more

Prosper Marketplace Grows Substantially in 2022
Remember Prosper Marketplace from back in the old peer-to-peer lending days? Well, they're still around. In fact, the company originated $3.3B in loans in 2022, up from $1.9B in 2021. AND they were... Read more

Convicted For Defrauding an MCA Company
Defraud a funder? Go to jail Read more

Past-Due? Your Customer May Judge How You Handle That With Them
Ask yourself this, that customer who missed a payment, do you actually want to continue working with them in the long run? If so, consider just how critical your approach to that missed payment will b... Read more

Why SellersFunding is Now SellersFi
The financial platform dedicated to servicing e-commerce companies is now going by the name, SellersFi. Diversifying the brand beyond their funding capabilities, the rebranding is to bridge the gap be... Read more

Georgia on Verge of Passing a Commercial Financing Disclosure Law
Georgia is on pace to become the next state to pass a commercial financing disclosure law. SB 90 has sailed through both the state's House and Senate with strong bi-partisan support and is potentially... Read more

CEO of MBE Capital Pleads Guilty
Loan broker who became PPP lender pleads guilty Read more

ChatGPT Gave Me Installation Instructions And a New Independent AI Emerged Instead
Web-based ChatGPT-4 is pretty powerful which is why I wanted to take the experience to the next level and communicate with it in an easy-to-access terminal window on my desktop computer. ChatGPT, if... Read more

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