Newsletter Sent On: 09/23/2021

New York Disclosure Law on Track for Jan 1 Read more

Would You Invest Your IRA Funds into MCAs?
A partnership between Supervest and Alto Solutions will bring in an unprecedented opportunity for investors, as the two groups will come together to allow IRA investors a chance to put their money in MCA deals Read more

Miami May Become the New Small Business Funding Hub
At least two funding companies have told deBanked off the record that they plan on opening offices in the Miami area in the new year.It seems that South Florida, particularly Miami, is where the s... Read more

Homegrown Software Enables FundKite to Reconcile MCAs Daily Rather Than Monthly
Data is the future, said Alex Shvarts, CEO of FundKite. Through his own proprietary software that he personally built, Shvarts and his team can see daily deposits from merchants that FundKite has funded Read more

Small Business Finance Industry Mulls Crypto, NFTs
As the crypto craze roars on, NFTs are starting to stake a claim in the finance world as a legitimate option for those looking to invest or stash money in a virtual space. The sports world recently to... Read more

Google to Purchase Manhattan Building in Mega Deal
In the footsteps of other giant companies like Facebook and Amazon, it seems that Google has joined in on buying a tremendous piece of New York City office space, as Google’s parent company Alphabet h... Read more

Cannabis Boom Exposes Difficulties in Lending
The legalization of cannabis across the U.S. has exposed an interesting opportunity for banks and small business lenders. With tons of capital, insane amounts of cash flow, and an industry outlook tha... Read more

Ocrolus Raises $80M Series A
The fintech data company was valued at more than half a billion dollars. Read more

Coinbase Halts Coinbase Lend
Pressure from the SEC has caused the company to back down Read more

Video: Brokers, the new NY disclosure law applies to you
The new requirement is not just a box on the contract. It will change the sales process Read more

A Drone Flew Through The Office of a Collections Company
Dedicated Commercial Recovery combined modern tech and marketing, as the company released a live action virtual tour of their new offices via drone on Tuesday. The video showcased staff working in an ... Read more

Lenders, Funders Look to Expand as 2021 Heads Into Final Stretch
As the year ends, lenders and funders across the globe are looking to meet goals, help businesses, and close the books on some of the most unpredictable months the industry has ever seen. Whether it c... Read more


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