Newsletter Sent On: 02/05/2015


2014 was a turning point for the alternative lending industry. Two major players went public and you might be thinking about what your endgame is, especially if you own an ISO or loan brokerage. That's why the team at World Business Lenders wanted to share this unique offer with you:

As you may be aware, World Business Lenders is a national funder with a unique collateralized product.  We are expanding our operations nationally with an innovative ISO acquisition program. 

We have just closed our fifth ISO acquisition by purchasing the business loan operations of Merchant Solutions Group of New York City.  Billy Morrissey, the founder of MSG and 17 of his top sales staff joined WBL earlier this week. 

WBL is actively seeking qualified ISO's to become acquisition candidates under our M&A program. WBL's management team previously used a similar branch acquisition strategy in the mortgage space to build a $33 billion a year, NYSE-public company with over 3,200 employees and 58 branches. 

If you own a qualified ISO and you are wondering what your endgame or exit strategy is and want to partner with WBL to become a funder in our expanding industry, please click the link below to have a member from our M&A team contact you.

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