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Big Money, Small Town: How SBA Loans Are Powering America
Using a $350,000, five-year SBA credit issued by River Valley Bank (now Incredible Bank of Wausau, Wis.), the transit company developed the prototype for a "lowfloor entry vehicle." The design feature made her trolleys accessible to riders with walkers and wheelchairs and enabled the company to beat out its competitor for a key contract with Hampton Roads (Va.) Transit. That deal, in turn, generated sales to transit authorities in Miami Beach, Laguna Beach, and the University of Oklahoma. Read more

Online Small Business Borrowing Decisions Not Driven By Costs or Disclosures, Fed Study Finds
A new study on transparency conducted by the Federal Reserve on non-bank small business finance providers indicates that borrowers are not driven by costs or disclosures. The #1 reason for a business ... Read more

How GRID Finance’s Cash Advances Are Building Stronger Irish Communities
"There’s no subprime market here," Butler says. "We’re trying to build a prime cash advance market versus a subprime one in the US." Read more

Crackdown On Bank-Fintech Partnerships Would Hurt Subprime Borrowers
Via American Banker Read more

deBanked CONNECT MIAMI is Just Weeks Away!
The industry meets in South Beach on January 16th! See you there! Read more

6,000 P2P Lenders Went Out Of Business in China
The collapse of China’s peer-to-peer platforms, once touted as a model to reshape the nation’s financial landscape, has left millions of victims in financial ruin and despair. Read more

The LendIt Top News Stories Of The Decade
Via LendAcademy: A review of the 2010s Read more

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