Newsletter Sent On: 05/31/2023

Revenue-Based Financing From Argentina to Miami Read more

Dependent on Search for Lead Flow? AI Might Replace the Links and Become a Personal Concierge
Google is experimenting with a new AI-driven search experience that could potentially change the way users search for information and make decisions, such as when shopping online. This technology could enable users to dive deeper into topics in a conversational way, while also providing personalized advice to guide them towards a decision. Read more

Rapid Finance Announces Commercial Availability of Lynx Platform to Support Small Business Lending
Rapid Finance has successfully leveraged Lynx within the company’s lending business for seven years, as well as by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in the execution of COVID-19 EIDL programs... Read more

Got an Offer to Settle Your Debts? Be Careful!
Debtors should be aware of potential scams and take caution when engaging with third-party debt settlement companies, as they may be subject to unrealistic promises and significant fees. They should also be aware of the types of communications they may receive from debt collectors and take steps to ensure they are not being taken advantage of. Read more

Prosper Originates $631.9M in Q1
Prosper is one of the few fintech lenders from the ancient era to somewhat stick with its original business model. Read more

How Raising The Debt Limit Affects MCA
David Roitblat is the founder and CEO of Better Accounting Solutions. Read more

Register for The 5th Annual Alternative Finance Bar Association Conference
The AFBA 5th Annual Conference is coming to NYC June 5-6, bringing together top attorneys in the alternative finance legal world to discuss current events and developments. Read more

deBanked Updates Some Resource Pages
deBanked has updated its website to include a map format for its FREE UCC SEARCH link list and state regulations, as well as audio-only versions of its video podcasts on spotify. Read more

Check out Broker Fair Video Interviews Here
See who was there and what they said on video at Broker Fair! Read more

10 Commandments of ACH Processing For Brokers
Zalman Notik, the Operations Manager of MCA Track & GoACH, recently offered up his 10 Commandments of ACH Processing to deBanked, providing helpful advice on how to properly disclose fees, communicate with merchants, and store paperwork securely. He also emphasized the importance of treating merchants with respect to avoid disputes. Read more

Register for deBanked CONNECT San Diego
Take advantage of early bird pricing while it still lasts! The event is on Sept 21, 2023. Read more

Spending Boom Fuels Inflation Jump
Via The Hill: This is very bad news for the Fed Read more

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