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It’s Here: Artificial Intelligence Changes MCA Broker’s Business, Improves Bank Underwriting and Debt Collection

November 22, 2016

In this age of man versus the machine, the case for artificial intelligence and machine learning does not need many vociferous advocates. Some predict that revenues from fintech startups using AI and predictive models is set to jump by 960 percent or to $17 billion by 2021. We might be closer to that number than […]

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Funders Prep for the Holiday Rush

November 1, 2016

holiday rush

As the year draws to a close sending everyone into a dizzying holiday frenzy, funders are prepared to fire on all cylinders to fuel their retail customers with cash. The last quarter is crunch time for funders alike, who start preparing months in advance — designing  new products, marketing and selling them. deBanked spoke to […]

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Remember When? Funders Talk About Their First Deals

October 14, 2016

old main street

For funders, their first deal can be significant in establishing client relations, kicking off a corpus and setting priorities for credit policies and as we found out, teach them valuable lessons.

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Dear Funders: Don’t Dial ‘M’ for Marketing

October 7, 2016

Photo credit, Bryce Johnson,

Gone should be the days where funders indiscriminately send out email blasts or cold call merchants offering loans. But are they?

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Entire Industries Still Unbankable Despite Big Data Boom

September 28, 2016


The use of data and technology for assessing risk shows promise for new borrowers, safer bets and fewer delinquencies. Big data has been credited for overhauling traditional lending models and ushering in a new crop of lenders that do not shy away from risky businesses and low credit scores. But has it been successful in […]

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Funding The Great White North

September 13, 2016


As of last year, 98 percent of Canada’s employers were small businesses compared to 0.3 percent (2,933) large companies. Given this and what we know about Canada’s banking oligarchy, dominated by five large banks, it was inevitable that American alternative lenders would go looking for greener pastures in Canada. When OnDeck set foot in the […]

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Does SoFi Want $500 Million for Global Expansion?

September 8, 2016

Mike Cagney SoFi CEO

The San Francisco-based lender is in talks with investors and maybe just weeks away from finalizing the deal.

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Caution! Politics Ahead: Amazon Breaks Student Loan Ties With Wells Fargo

September 7, 2016

Student Cash Advance

The partnership was an one up for private student lending especially against growing private entrants like SoFi and Commonbond. What it being undone, what’s next?

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Alleged Illegal Student Loan Practices Cost Wells Fargo $4 Million

August 23, 2016

Wells Fargo

The bank also misled borrowers on partial payments, increasing in the cost of the loan.

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Goldman Sachs Unveils Online Lending Venture, Marcus

August 22, 2016

Goldman Sachs

The investment bank named its soon-to-launched online consumer lending venture ‘Marcus’ after its German founder.

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