deBanked’s Top Five Stories of 2023

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top storiesdeBanked’s most read stories of 2023 are in. Here’s what the industry read about most this year!

EIDL & ERC Updates
Readers tuned in to learn about EIDL loans going bad and the roller coaster surrounding the ERC program.

As IRS Announces Pause of ERC Payouts, Businesses May Resume Pursuit of Upfront Alternatives
Whoa, That’s a Lot of Bad EIDL Loans

Reliant Funding
There was a lot of talk about Reliant Funding this year, which first made waves in February and then later in September.

Reliant Funding Shifts Gears
The LCF Group Acquires Key Strategic Assets from Reliant Funding and Sets Course for a Record-Breaking Year

The company is called Global Funding Experts. After they raised a debt facility of $100 million, everyone wanted to know more!

See: Experts: How GFE Went Big

Bluevine Cutting off ISOs

The news just broke, but seeing a big name change their business strategy like this has got many people talking.

See: Bluevine Partner Email Circulates

Florida Commercial Financing Disclosure Rule

Guess what’s about to go into effect? A unique disclosure rule like nowhere else. Brokers, I hope you’ve read this one!

See: Pending Florida Law Draws From DailyFunder’s Rulebook

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