deBanked’s Top Five Stories of 2022

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top storiesdeBanked’s most read stories of 2022 are in and they’re a bit different from the hits of 2021. These were the results!

1. DoorDash Goes into MCA

It was nearly a tie for two stories related to the same company, DoorDash. Who would’ve thought? But in early 2022 the mega restaurant delivery service announced to the world that it was getting into the merchant cash advance business courtesy of a new funding industry challenger named Parafin.

Here’s what you may have missed as the biggest story of the whole year!

DoorDash Now Offers Merchant Cash Advances
DoorDash Expands its Cash Advance Program to the Dashers Themselves

2. Scandal

Not everyone had a good year. Some had to face the music. It was a close race between two stories for the 2nd spot but we’re only linking to one because the second involved a lawsuit that has since been dropped by the plaintiff.

Man Who Defrauded MCA Companies Indicted | This case is still ongoing.

3. The Demise of LoanMe

NextPoint Financial’s abrupt decision to wind down LoanMe after a celebratory acquisition of it was one of the biggest surprises of 2022. Very little information has been shared publicly about what led to it. Given NextPoint’s status as a publicly traded company, details could’ve been inferred from their regularly filed financial statements, but they’ve failed to file them for a whole year. Instead, they’ve provided regular investor updates that have communicated that they’ll eventually be forthcoming but they keep missing the deadlines they set for themselves.

LoanMe Has Stopped Originating Business Loans

NextPoint Financial Formally Announces End of LoanMe Business

4. The California Disclosure Law

Reality struck in 2022 as the 4 years of debate over California’s commercial financing disclosure law finally came to an end. It went into effect on December 9th. This story, published leading up to it, was the 4th most read of 2022:

Think The New California Disclosure Law is Just About a Disclosure Form? Think Again

This one, published two weeks ago, followed close behind:

Funding Companies Sue California Regulator Over Looming Disclosure Law

5. Reality TV

Technically, the first episode of Equipping The Dream was the most viewed content on deBanked throughout all of 2022, but if we’re going just by stories, then this one, talking about its fast rise, placed 5th for the year:

Reality Show About SMB Finance Sales Rockets to The Top Spot

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