Climbing Up The ROK

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Patrick Manning - ROK Financial
Patrick Manning, New CEO of ROK Financial

This month Patrick Manning took over as the new CEO of ROK Financial. Previously representing the company as CRO and President, Manning’s been on an upward trajectory since he first started in sales roughly eight years ago. He learned the business from founder and former ROK CEO James Webster, who will be stepping into a new role as Executive Chairman.

Manning will be overseeing the leadership team with the help of COO Shannon Treadwell and continuing to grow the organization.

“I also have a large hand in the relationships with our lenders, we are a broker, and we utilize all of the top lenders in the industry,” said Manning. “And I sit at the helm of managing and building those relationships with our lenders.”

Manning described the industry as “lacking information and education” whether this be from brokerages or business owners themselves. Taking pride in the way ROK does business, Manning went on to describe a new learning experience the company will be presenting to the industry.

“I’m going to continue to help push on the company initiative of rolling out ROK-U or ROK University. ROK-U is an education platform which encompasses ROK’s 10-15 years of broker experience to an easy-to-follow training platform geared to properly educate those that are looking to enter into the industry,” said Manning.

ROK’s goal is to improve the way brokers interact with business owners and carry out transactions. This fully remote program will be available to anybody interested in entering the industry where they’ll learn proper techniques as well as language. The company soft launched the program in May with 30 enrolled students from all over the country. Testing the program out to see what areas needed improvement, ROK-U will officially launch in January 2023. It is also free of charge and will be live on their website.

“The team has been working diligently to roll out new technologies to help with this initiative. Those that enroll in ROK-U will have access to best-in-class technologies powered by Salesforce Communities to assist in training and getting their businesses off the ground,” said Manning.

The company will also be introducing the ROK Tour, a new networking event in eight major cities throughout the U.S to help promote ROK University.

Last modified: December 23, 2022
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