Broker Prediction for 2024

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For many brokers the day revolves around going from call to call, email to email, deal to deal. Close one, go to the next, keep going, leave late, and continue to respond to merchants up until it’s time to go to sleep. Funders have come and gone, underwriting requirements have changed, and technology has made the business more efficient, but the broker role has remained. Merchants, time has proven, still just want to talk to someone.

Indeed, every time a new regulation or technology comes out that portends danger for brokers, life pretty much goes on like normal. Yes, it’s a competitive business and a changing business but here we are now in the mid-2020s and numerous brokers are just so bogged down with merchant calls and emails that they hardly have time to consider that anything is different other than so and so just changed their underwriting guidelines.

What’s my prediction for brokers in 2024? That brokers will keep brokering!

Last modified: January 2, 2024
Sean Murray


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