Defunct MCA Company Tried to Escape Signed Confession of Judgment

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New York Supreme CourtWhen a Florida-based merchant cash advance company, World Global Financing (WGF), declared bankruptcy this past May, it entered into a binding settlement agreement with its largest creditor, a hedge fund known as Eaglewood.

There was a caveat.

Eaglewood required that WGF sign a Confession of Judgment (COJ) as part of the agreement that would afford Eaglewood the right to file and obtain a judgment without further litigation if WGF breached the settlement. On August 3, that’s exactly what happened. After WGF failed to make the stipulated payments to Eaglewood, the COJ was filed in the New York Supreme Court so as to obtain a nearly $6 million judgment against WGF and company founder Cyril Eskenazi.

While it can be virtually impossible to invalidate a COJ, the courthouse Clerk nonetheless refused to enter it because of alleged technical defects, one of which involved WGF’s use of an out-of-state notary to witness a New York State affidavit.

“The alleged Affidavit of Confession of Judgment upon which Eaglewood’s request for a Judgment by Confession stands like a house of cards is no affidavit at all under New York law, and cannot be used in a New York litigation,” WGF’s attorney argued.

The absurdity of the argument was not lost on Eaglewood because the notary WGF challenged on technical grounds was the notary that WGF and its counsel had themselves chosen and approved. Eaglewood called the charade of contesting the validity of one’s own affidavit signed in the presence of counsel, utterly frivolous and a fraud upon the Court.

Defects or not, the judge concurred with Eaglewood because WGF had irrevocably and unconditionally agreed to the entry of judgment if they breached the settlement agreement in the first place, which they did, rendering the alleged technical errors with the COJ itself a moot point.

The COJ was therefore deemed valid and the judge ordered the Clerk to enter the judgment.

On Nov 29, a judgment for $5,866,477 was entered against WGF and Eskenazi. The index # is 651489/2018 in the New York Supreme Court.

Last modified: April 19, 2019

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