1st Global Capital Sues Capital Stack and Others Over Momentum Auto Group

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Momentum Auto GroupThe notorious $40 million merchant cash advance deal has a new twist, even more cash advances. On Friday, the now-bankrupt 1st Global Capital filed a lawsuit against Momentum Auto Group, related entities, and 4 merchant cash advance companies including Capital Stack.

According to documents filed in the case, Momentum Auto was behind on taxes and loans to floor plan lenders to the tune of $15.5 million in February this year. That’s in addition to their inability at the time to pay 1st Global Capital and other MCA funders millions of dollars in advanced funds.

To fix the problem, 1st Global Capital established themselves as the senior creditor in which they required rival funders to enter into Subordination And Standstill agreements. In return for 1st Global Capital keeping Momentum Auto solvent with additional funds, the subordinate funders were only permitted to collect a fraction of their originally-stipulated daily payments (and only if Momentum Auto had adequate liquidity and cash flow, otherwise they were not allowed to collect anything at all until 1st Global had been paid in full). In the case of Capital Stack, it was agreed they could only debit 20% of what they were normally entitled to. For others it was 10%.

1st Global Capital says both restrictions were violated, that the funders collected above their agreed percentage and that they also collected from Momentum Auto despite the business not having adequate liquidity and cash flow. As relief, 1st Global Capital is seeking that each MCA funder return all funds they collected from Momentum Auto Group to 1st Global Capital.

Momentum Auto Group is a conglomerate of car dealerships in California that shut their doors in November. Soon after, lawsuits flew, and in one case the judge has ordered the dealerships be placed into receivership.

1st Global Capital is itself in receivership, having filed bankruptcy in July this year. The company and its founder were also charged with fraud by the SEC after they allegedly relied on the sale of unregistered securities to more than 3,400 investors nationwide.

Last modified: March 20, 2020

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