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rocket launchIf you feel like you’re falling behind on the news, you’re not alone. Things are happening FAST. here’s what you need to know:

5/7/13: Google Looks to Profit from Alternative Lending. Say hello to Mother Google.

5/6/13: Forbes interview with a Kabbage co-founder. It did not sound like they plan on remaining exclusive to the e-commerce side of business lending.

5/3/13: Summary of the ETA Expo. ACH is now the leading platform behind Merchant Cash Advance.

5/2/13: Google Acquires a Stake in Lending Club. This of course begged the question that was asked in BusinessWeek the next day on 5/3/13 in Does Google Want to be a Small Business Lender?

5/2/13: IOU Central smashes last year’s numbers. Publicly traded in Canada, this funder is only picking up steam.

5/1/13: Google Ventures and Peter Thiel invest in On Deck Capital. How’s that for big names?

5/1/13: My Silicon Valley VC prediction comes true with the On Deck and Lending Club announcements.

4/24/13: Business Financial Services Upgrades to $82 million credit facility. Not too shabby

4/24/13: IOU Central renews their credit facility.

4/24/13: Rumors begin to swirl that Amerimerchant has also landed a new credit facility. We have no confirmation on this.

How’s that for a 2 week span and those are just some of the headlines. More news is on the way as we are hearing rumors galore.

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I made another prediction back in February 2012 (Does Your Mom Sell Merchant Cash Advance?) in which I said consolidation was inevitable. With all these funders raising massive capital, mergers and acquisitions will be next on the agenda.

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