10 Clues You’re Hardcore About Merchant Cash Advance

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You might eat and breathe funding small business, but unless you’ve got a set of pajamas like mine, you probably don’t sleep it too.

merchant cash advance pajamas

Yeah, Funding Just Got Serious…

Other signs you might be hardcore:

1. You miss your train back to Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn, or North Jersey because of something someone said on DailyFunder:

just too interesting
the wire went out



2. You yawn whenever you reference millions of dollars…

funding $3 million was okay I gues


3. This is what you have for lunch every day…

account rep lunch


4. You know at least three people that talk about starting their own ISO on a daily basis but never do it…

starting an iso


5. You’ve realized that the only reason the MCA industry has grown so much in recent years is because of account reps like this…

what the ACH market has taken off


6. You’ve accidentally referred to your friends, relatives, or other non-business owners as merchants. “I mean hey, we’re all merchants here, right?



7. You’ve gotten at least one trophy. Top Salesman, Hardest Working or…

loser trophy


8. You’ve worked for this guy before or you probably still do..

ucc calls


9. You’ve been on a totally great sales call and had a colleague walk in the room and do one of these to ruin it…



10. But most of all, if you help your clients in a timely manner and they look like this…

happy merchant

Then you’ll always be hardcore in their eyes!


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Last modified: April 20, 2019
Sean Murray

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