MCA History in Honor of Thanksgiving

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Before fax, e-mail, and e-signatures, merchants used to travel up to 400 miles to fill out a funding application.

famous stamp

The famous response to a British sea captain by John Paul Jones is actually believed to be a misquote. 'Fund' was changed to 'fight' to better preserve his memory but it is theorized that he predicted the birth of Merchant Cash Advance. He died in 1792, two hundred years before the first small business got funded based on their credit card sales

first thanks

In 1621, the local merchants were funded on the third Thursday of November, just narrowly beating the wire deadline. This feast was almost not possible.

first underwriters

The first underwriters. Yeah... they were British.


The first collections department.


Back then you needed a lot more than just a payoff letter to change companies...

2nd location

This merchant successfully opened his 2nd location.

wine merchants

This winery just refi'd again last week. $132,292,222,144,923,383,293,819,183,189,380,678 was withheld and credited to the outstanding balance.

tea party

Reason for Advance: Need to stock up on more tea inventory.


We apologize if our history is a little off 😉

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