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Velocity Capital Group (VCG) Secures New $50 Million Credit Facility

February 14, 2022
Article by:

Velocity Capital GroupCEDARHURST, NEW YORK—FEBRUARY 14, 2022– Velocity Capital Group (VCG), a leading provider of same-day capital advances to small businesses, has secured a multi-draw term funding line of credit with Arena Investors, LP, a global institutional alternative asset manager. The line of credit will provide VCG with borrowing capacity up to $50 million and deep pool of capital from which to expand its business, further strengthening VCG’s ability to provide funding for small business merchants. Though the name VCG may be new to some, the company is no stranger to alternative finance. Eleven years of experience in the space with over 25,000 funded clients has helped their team understand what merchants need most during the funding process, primarily trustworthiness and speed.

Since VCG’s inception, CEO/Principal Jay Avigdor has made it his mission to provide an efficient and flexible funding experience and product for merchants. “We’re setting new strides for speed and service every year. 2022 is going to be even more impactful for VCG and our stakeholders!” said an enthused Jay Avigdor. “We have a big opportunity for us this year to build on last year’s initiatives. This line will give us the wings we truly need to fly! Giving us the ability to fund larger deals and provide longer terms.” said Jay. The previous year, VCG made news by switching to their own internally developed processing software for deal applications called Drag-in. The software pulls critical data from VCG’s applications to conduct all necessary screenings via API, then uploads that data to their CRM with the click of a button. Drag-in gives VCG the ability to provide offers within minutes rather than hours, giving them a leg up on the industry. Stakeholders have been thrilled with the improved response time on their deals. Drag-in is Currently working on a beta version to provide multiple other industries.

Speed isn’t the VCG’s only focus. “Merchants and ISOs alike deserve to have more control of the capital they’re provided,” Jay added. In August 2021, Velocity Capital Group began offering ISOs and Merchants the option to receive their capital in a Cryptocurrency. Primarily sent through as stable coins (USDC, DAI, USDT). “Due to the cut-off times within which banks have to operate, they can become a bottleneck for our transactions. The opportunity for providing capital in Crypto couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Jay. Available to transfer during all times of the day, funding in Cryptocurrency was added as an option for how Merchants & ISOs receive capital.

“We are excited to facilitate VCG’s activities in small business finance at a time when there are limited options and great needs for capital, and where VCG can provide that capital without unduly burdening merchants receiving it. This transaction fits well with Arena’s broader mission to provide flexible, scalable funding solutions for companies and ideas which have unique growth or liquidity needs. We look forward to working with Jay and his team,” said Victor Dupont, who leads Arena’s investments in the SME sector.

The new line of credit gives steady rails for Velocity Capital Group to continue growing and funding at a significant rate into 2023. “We anticipate we will do north of 150M in funding this year with our current deal flow and this new line. We can provide well-needed cash during these troubling times to small businesses and fuel their success while growing ours as well. We can help small businesses access funding like never before in company history. Through implementing Drag-in, this new credit line with Arena, and with our amazing loyal employees and brokers, the sky is only the limit! ” remarked Jay.

About Velocity Capital Group
Velocity Capital Group helps small businesses all over the United States access capital at incredible speeds. Our team has serviced over 25,000 clients in under 11 years. We’ve grown our business to great heights by focusing on speed, efficiency, and transparency.

About Arena Investors, LP
Arena Investors is an institutional asset manager founded in partnership with The Westaim Corporation (TSXV: WED). With $2.8 billion of committed assets under management as of January 1, 2022, and a team of over 100 employees in six offices globally, Arena provides creative solutions for those seeking capital in special situations. The firm brings individuals with decades of experience, a track record of comfort with complexity, the ability to deliver within time constraints, and the flexibility to engage in transactions that cannot be addressed by banks and other conventional financial institutions. See for more information.

Velocity Capital Group Specializes in Funding
Up to $1 Million Same-Day thru MCA (1st thru 4th Positions), Reverse Consolidations, & Consolidations

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Velocity Capital Group Becomes First Funder to Offer Broker Commissions Via Crypto

August 2, 2021
Article by:

Jay AvigdorVelocity Capital Group is bullish on crypto as a means of payment. Company President and CEO Jay Avigdor told deBanked that the company is officially incorporating cryptocurrency in two ways:

(1) Brokers can now choose to get paid commissions in cryptocurrency instead of cash.

(2) Merchants can now choose to get funded via cryptocurrency instead of cash.

In both cases, Avigdor touted the speed in which cryptocurrency can change hands versus waiting around for an ACH or a wire.

“Our goal since day 1 of VCG, was to give ISOs and merchants the ability to access capital as fast as possible,” Avigdor said. “With VCG’s proprietary technology, we have been able to change that mindset from ‘as fast as possible’ to ‘the FASTEST possible.'”

The company says it will use stable coins (USD Coin and DAI) to conduct these transactions “in order to limit market volatility” but that depending on the merchant or ISO relationship, they would be open to transmitting Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Merchants getting funded with crypto would still have their future receivables collected via ACH so that part of the arrangement would not change. The underlying business is the same.

VCG alluded to there also being potential tax benefits of taking payment in crypto.

Avigdor believes that among industry peers, VCG is the first to offer commissions in crypto. He further explained that this is only one piece of the puzzle and that there are plans to integrate the company’s technology in a way that will allow merchants to access funding in less than 20 minutes from the time of submission to funds actually being received.

Velocity Capital Group (VCG) Secures $15 Million Series A Financing

December 11, 2018
Article by:

Velocity Capital Group

Businesses Flourish with Adequate Funding at their Fingertips

CEDARHURST, NEW YORK—DECEMBER 10,2018​–​V​elocity Capital Group recently secured another $15 million in financing. This will strengthen their ability to provide assistance to more small businesses and organizations. While the name might be new to some, Velocity Capital Group is no stranger to the business world. Servicing small businesses for over 7 years, there have been more than 15,000 clients who’ve received the financial boost they needed due to the available funding from VCG.

CEO/Principle Jay Avigdor couldn’t be happier to reach this point. Jay started the business in a small room of his home with only a laptop, and in just a short period of time has transformed VCG into a large and highly respected financial group that services organizations with speed and dedication. With an aim to merge the finance industry with technology, VCG aims to leave funding at your fingertips. To date, VCG is making strides as one of the fastest growing finance companies in the industry.

When businesses have financial demands, their situation is urgent and must be addressed immediately. Going through a lengthy process that could end up in a loss would be a waste of time, but with ​Velocity Capital Group,​ the relationship is taken seriously from the onset. With a staff of over 20 employees, VCG strives to get you what you need when you need it. A few of the industries that ​Velocity​ takes pride in assisting include:

  • Accounting & Collection Agencies
  • Construction, Machinery, Mechanics, & Manufacturing
  • Electronic & Media/Entertainment
  • Healthcare Services & Rehab Center
  • Religious Organizations
  • Restaurants & Retail
  • Technology & Wireless

The $15 million funding access will help VCG build solid foundations and partnerships. With Velocity’s breakdown of available funding ($5mil in series A round & a $10 million line of credit), they’re able to provide more funding for more businesses. In fact, many customers have already stated that the V​CG team is “resourceful” and “always available.” Others have even said that they “love the charity aspect” of ​Velocity,​ because they give back to aiding organizations monthly. Their attention and consistency prove that they are more than just the average financial group; they’re family! Winston Churchill said it best: “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” Velocity Capital Group​ takes pride in giving to others so they can ultimately help others make a life.

Companies and small businesses are urged to contact V​elocity Capital Group​ today and see what financial options are available. With urgency and compassion, the knowledgeable staff of Velocity​ is ready to build your business or brand. The funding is there, the foundation is there; all it takes is one step. That one step can be the greatest decision for success in business.

Velocity Capital Group is ready and able to serve you. For additional information, visit our website at​ ​,​ send an email to, or call 833-VCG-FUND (833-824-3863). We’re also available on social media outlets.

Velocity Group USA Names Keith Nason President, Launching KapSource in Q1 2022

December 16, 2021
Article by:

velocity group usaMelville, NY – December 16th, 2021 – Velocity Group USA is pleased to announce Keith Nason as the newly appointed President. In conjunction with stepping into the role as President, Nason will continue to hold his position as Chief Operating Officer, building on business development strategies and appointing new members of Velocity Group’s executive team.

“We have undergone many necessary changes over the past year, but the change we are most excited about is appointing Keith Nason as the President of Velocity Group. He has extensive industry experience, as well as the knowledge, innovation and vision to drive growth in 2022. I have no doubt these qualities will help set us apart from our competitors as we continue to expand our business,” said Lisa Gioia, Chief Executive Officer

Nason is an industry veteran with over eight years of experience within the Merchant Cash Advance market, specializing in both top and bottom-line growth, building infrastructure and security, data integrity, risk models, technology, and securing capital through multiple channels.

“Over the last 12 months, we’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, energy, and capital in our team, product, infrastructure and data security, as well as our process. Doing so has positioned us for significant growth in 2022 and beyond,” commented Nason.

He also credited his institutional investors as being a key to success by having faith in the long-term goals of the company, and confidence in the new team to prioritize long-term success over strictly short-term returns. Nason also stated, “It’s a true testament to the team that we were able to completely rebuild our business foundation while still funding over $100MM and producing record returns to our investors.”

With the revamp of the company infrastructure and data security, Velocity Group USA will be launching KapSource within the first quarter of 2022, a “business in a box” model that will allow other members of the industry to use its proprietary technology to increase conversions, alongside a marketplace in which brokers can fund their owns deals and create additional revenue streams through Velocity’s capital sources.

Who’s Growing in the Industry?

September 6, 2022
Article by:

Despite Covid, several small business finance companies successfully secured spots on the 2022 Inc 5000 list for their stellar 3-year revenue growth. Here’s a snapshot of who made it:

Ranking Company Name 3 year growth %
127 Crestmont Capital 3,548%
271 Fountainhead 2,006%
799 Business Lending Blueprint 793%
835 Clearco 755%
970 Valiant Business Lending 668%
1,047 Funding Forward 618%
1,240 Lending Science DM 524%
1,587 Lendio 401%
1,876 Choice Merchant Solutions 324%
1,970 Nav 306%
2,343 Novae 250%
2,886 Velocity Capital Group 189%
3,262 Fundbox 162%
3,410 SBG Funding 154%
4,284 Flexibility Capital 107%
4,367 Fund&Grow 103%
4,737 ApplePie Capital 89%
4,959 Fundomate 82%

The Inc 5000 list requires companies to apply and submit data. Companies that may have qualified to be ranked could have chosen not to apply.

Small Business Finance Industry Mulls Crypto, NFTs

September 16, 2021
Article by:

nft moneyAs the crypto craze roars on, NFTs are starting to stake a claim in the finance world as a legitimate option for those looking to invest or stash money in a virtual space. The sports world recently took their swing at NFTs, and here at deBanked we minted NFTs of our own early this week. It seems that NFTs have sparked the interest of the media, athletes, and art enthusiasts— but in small business finance, the conversation is only in the early stages.

“I think of it more not so much as a currency, but from what I’ve been reading, more of an investment vehicle,” said Noah Grayson, President of South End Capital, when asked what he thinks an NFT represents. “It’s a way for people to put tangible items in a digital format to get ownership from.”

Grayson says those in his industry have brought up the topic around the office, but it hasn’t made its way into any type of business practices yet. “It’s tough to see how [NFTs] would affect the lending industry at this time, cryptocurrency is something a little more probable in the long term.”

Grayson stressed how difficult small business lending can already be with dollars, and it seems as though the industry just isn’t ready to start conducting business in other types of currencies. “When you consider that many small business owners have no credit score and a large portion of those still pay for things in cash, I think it’s going to be a long time before the industry as a whole considers [crypto] an option to make loans with or compensate partners [with] as a whole,” he said.

“I’d describe it as a digital asset that can be purchased, owned, and used by an individual, giving that individual exclusive rights to the asset,” said James Webster, CEO and founder of ROK Financial when asked how he would define an NFT. “Like any other asset, the price can go up or down over time.”

Although his company has never created an NFT themselves, Webster won’t eliminate the possibility for one in the future. With the interest of the industry and his employees being focused around crypto as of late, Webster can’t keep the crypto and NFT talk out of the office.

Cryptocurrency“We have a [clever] and nimble-minded staff at ROK. NFTs and crypto like other tradable assets are always being discussed and invested in here,” said Webster. “The team has been buying crypto for years now and I don’t see that slowing down any time soon.”

Webster believes it’ll inevitably make its way into the business with positive effects. “I see it streamlining, as well as making lending and banking for that matter more efficient over time,” he said.

At Velocity Capital Group, crypto has already seeped into the business. The company began offering commission payments to brokers this past August with an immediate positive reception. Velocity Capital Group CEO Jay Avigdor attributes “speed” as the primary use-case of crypto in his business.

“The feedback has been fantastic!” Avigdor said.

With crypto on the minds of fintech gurus everywhere, it’s evident its interest comes from the ability to put the technology in practice. Until these types of things can be borrowed, used to buy goods, or seen as a means of collateral at a mainstream level, the small business finance community will continue to eye their development and evolve if necessary.

Brokers Say “Yes” to Commissions in Crypto

September 12, 2021
Article by:

Jay AvigdorOne month after Velocity Capital Group began offering broker commissions in crypto, CEO Jay Avigdor says it is taking off. It’s completely optional of course, but already seven of VCG’s ISOs have opted to get paid that way.

“The feedback has been fantastic!” Avigdor says.

In a previous interview with deBanked, Avigdor said that the initiative wasn’t about speculating on cryptocurrencies but instead about taking advantage of the transaction speed. Crypto can change hands faster than an ACH or a wire, for example, and VCG will send funds via a stablecoin so that there is no volatile exchange rate risk.

“Our goal since day 1 of VCG, was to give ISOs and merchants the ability to access capital as fast as possible,” Avigdor said. “With VCG’s proprietary technology, we have been able to change that mindset from ‘as fast as possible’ to ‘the FASTEST possible.’”

One broker attested on facebook that he received his commission from VCG within 5 minutes from the moment the deal funded via the DAI stablecoin.

Even a merchant requested that they be funded with crypto, according to Avigdor, which they accommodated. Payments back to VCG are still done via ACH debit, however.

The market cap of the cryptocurrency industry is currently at more than $2 trillion.

In Loving Memory of Elliot J Dabah

November 17, 2020
Article by:
Elliot Dabah
Elliot Dabah & Elliot Ashkenazie

Elliot J Dabah, CEO of NYC-based Merchants Cash Partners, LLC, recently passed away. Known throughout the merchant financing industry, friends and colleagues began collecting kind words to reflect on his life to be able to share them here.

Elliot Ashkenazie, his business partner and best friend, said “Elliot Dabah would step up and help anyone in need whether that be his own employee, another ISO, or a complete stranger on the street. He didn’t keep any secrets so he would have an advantage over others, he simply paid it forward and helped the community as a whole benefit from it. Merchants Cash Partners will work tirelessly to carry on his legacy and his values.”

“Elliot Dabah was the heartbeat of the Financial District and he was an integrated part of my life, both professional and personal,” said Gigi Russo. “Not only did Elliot and I live three blocks from each other, but I first had the privilege and pleasure of meeting him while I was working for deBanked, at CONNECT San Diego. We quickly became close friends. He truly never took advantage of our tight knit friendship. His professional support was a reflection of his character— a respectable person that respected his family, friends and business associates. Elliot wanted everyone to succeed. He believed that friends and business colleagues should support one another to build a viable network.”

Elliot Dabah and Father
Elliot Dabah and his Father Jack

Tom Dool of Power Funding, said “Of all of the offices I’ve ever visited, I can honestly say that no other partner of mine compares to Merchants Cash Partners. From the moment I met both Elliots, they were inviting. I could tell right away that they had a special bond of shared enthusiasm, honesty, generosity, thoughtful, caring people.” He adds, “Elliot [Dabah] lived life with such a genuine love for people and getting to know people, discussing higher level ideas, sharing feelings. He was one of the best and I’ll never forget him.”

“Elliot was one of the most welcoming people I had the pleasure of knowing,” says Colt Kucker of Libertas Funding, “and always tried helping out whether it be a customer, myself, or anybody in need. He was a hard worker and will truly be missed by all he came across.”

Justin Friedman of Enova SMB, described Dabah, “Smart, strategic, urgent, generous and wise are a few words to describe Elliot. He was universally popular and a known professional in our industry, which isn’t common to come by. He cared about his customers and business relationships. Elliot’s presence in alternative lending was a positive one and he will be remembered for exactly that.”

Elliot Dabah

Ben Lugassy of SOS Capital states that he was “Always smiling and enthusiastic, Elliot was the embodiment of joyful. A friend with tremendous respect and gratitude, he will always be remembered and in our prayers.”

Paul Boxer of Velocity Capital Group added, “Every-time I met Elliot he had the largest smile, always happy to talk shop and discuss the industry. He was very knowledgeable and had a wealth of information, he will surely be missed.”

Ken Peng of Elevate Funding recounts that Elliot, “was always great to work with. He was always very friendly and understanding when we did review any of his files. He will be missed.”

Gigi Russo, who was instrumental in putting this tribute together, further added that Elliot “treated everyone he came into contact with as a friend.” He has “a sincere, dignified, and affable reputation that will follow him after his passing. He will surely be remembered for supporting his colleagues, clients, business acquaintances, and network. The legacy Elliot has left behind is simple: Respect one another. Support one another. Honesty and hard work are necessities of success.”

Elliot Dabah and Gigi Russo
Elliot Dabah and Gigi Russo

Part of Elliot’s legacy is the company he built. Merchants Cash Partners, despite the pandemic, was so successful this year that it outgrew its office space.

“Elliot had a revolutionary style of making this industry a community,” says his partner Ashkenazie. “He referred clients and prospects alike to small firms and national firms, expecting nothing in return.”

Coincidence would have it that a photo of Elliot at a deBanked event was often used in event marketing promotions. As to how that picture came to be used so prominently, deBanked President Sean Murray said that “Elliot embodied the community we were trying to portray. A nice young business professional who radiated positive energy. Who is part of this industry? It’s guys like Elliot. That’s what we wanted everyone to know.

“Elliot totally noticed how often we were sharing his photo,” Murray said. “He told me that he thought that was pretty cool.”

Elliot Dabah

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