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Accord Business Funding Makes New Marketing Hire

April 3, 2018
Article by:

Aldo CastroHouston-based Accord Business Funding recently hired Aldo Castro to lead its marketing efforts. His title is Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  

“We are excited to have Aldo join our team,” Adam Beebe, co-founder of Accord Business Funding, told deBanked. “Aldo comes to us with over twenty years of experience in business-to-business sales and marketing experience… [and he] will use his experience and feedback from the ISO community to help Accord find new ways of adding value to our partners’ businesses.”

Prior to Accord Business Funding, Castro worked as a strategic marketing consultant and co-founded two digital marketing agencies in Texas. Founded in 2013, Accord is a B paper funder with terms between four to eight months and merchants that include auto dealers and trucking and construction businesses, among others. The company of 20 employees is entirely driven by ISOs.

“Accord offers our ISO associates a unique combination of integrity, speed, and flexibility, helping them close their deals faster and easier,” Beebe said.

Iwoca Brings Flexible Repayment Loan Product to Funding Xchange

September 3, 2021
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UK FlagIwoca, a UK-based small business lender, announced Wednesday that it will be launching a new flexible loan product for online sellers through Funding Xchange. According to Iwoca, they will be the first lender in the UK using “open banking” for revenue-based payments to online businesses on the marketplace.

Small businesses in the UK operating in e-commerce can now apply for revenue-based financing between £1,000- £50,001 through Funding Xchange’s website. The loans will have monthly payments based on the borrower’s revenue, but will also allow businesses to choose repayment options that are based upon their daily ups and downs, allowing the borrower different payment amounts during times of slow business, seasonal disruptions, or other factors that may cause business to halt during certain times of the year.

“Our vision is to provide finance to SMEs when, where and how they need it. We are transforming small business lending through product innovation powered by technology, combined with creative distribution partnerships,” said Christoph Rieche, co-founder and CEO of Iwoca in a company release.

Iwoca has a history of being on the front line of innovation in lending, as they claim to be the first UK company to provide instant credit decisions with Amazon and eBay sellers. The company also claims to be the first company to offer a lending API in their services, while also taking credit for being the first SME lender to connect the 9 largest banks in the UK with open banking.

“Iwoca and Funding XChange are leaders in the use of intelligent technology to make SME funding more accessible, more affordable and more sustainable. By transforming the credit-assessment and cost-to-serve, we deliver targeted, self-serve propositions to underserved segments,” said Katrin Herring, CEO of Funding Xchange in the same release. “Given the challenges that the crisis has created for small businesses, this partnership is delivering critical access to finance to help businesses rebuild and flourish.”

Funding Circle Gets in to Buy-Now-Pay-Later (In UK)

September 2, 2021
Article by:

buh now pay laterFunding Circle is joining one of the trendiest markets in the industry right now, Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL). The company will provide its customers with a way to spread supplier payments or invoice costs over 90 days by providing the capital upfront and allowing the borrower to pay later.

It has been dubbed FlexiPay by the UK-based lender and will enable access to between £3,000 – £50,000 of upfront capital. Loan eligibility will be determined in minutes and the funds will be available almost instantaneously, according to Funding Circle. This combination of small business lending with BNPL services is seemingly unprecedented to the industry.

“We are really excited to be using our market-leading technology to launch FlexiPay, which is designed to support small businesses to manage and control their cash flow,” said Lisa Jacobs, the Europe Managing Director of Funding Circle. “The new product enables businesses to buy now and pay later on any business spend in a way that suits them.”

The payment option will give access to “interest-free” financing to borrowers with a flat fee of 3% per invoice, without any annual charges or setup fees. Access to FlexiPay will not be given to new customers until the end of the year.

According to a source familiar with Funding Circle, the company could possibly bring the FlexiPay concept to the US once they’ve fully rolled it out in the UK.

Wannabe Business Lender Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

August 11, 2021
Article by:

Mercedes-MaybachJustin Cheng’s website said his company, Celeri Network, could help business owners get a loan between $5,000 and $5 million. Rife with all the familiar lingo commonly found on loan broker websites, Celeri Network gave the appearance of an everyday small business finance company.

Unfortunately for unsuspecting customers, Cheng took his own approach with applicants, telling them that they had to pay upfront refundable “due diligence fees” to help them secure funding. Of course, when the funding never came through, he failed to deliver refunds to the tune of $380,000.

That was only the tip of the iceberg for Cheng who was sentenced to 72 months in prison this week for a litany of schemes including this one.

According to the Department of Justice, “Cheng used the identity of other individuals to submit online applications to the SBA and at least five financial institutions for a total of over $7 million in government-guaranteed loans through the SBA’s PPP and EIDL Program for several companies controlled by CHENG, namely Alchemy Finance, Inc., Alchemy Guarantor LLC d/b/a “Celer Offer,” Celeri Network, Inc., Celeri Treasury LLC, Wynston York LLC, and Neo Bellum Industries Inc.”

Representing also that he had more than 200 employees when he never had more than 14, he successfully secured $2.8M in PPP funding altogether.

“Cheng transferred over $1 million abroad, withdrew approximately $360,000 in cash and/or cashier’s checks, and spent at least approximately $279,000 in PPP loan proceeds on personal expenses,” the DOJ found. “These personal expenses included the purchase of an 18-carat gold Rolex watch for approximately $40,000, rent and move-in fees for a $17,000 per month luxury condominium used by CHENG, approximately $50,000 of furnishings for the condominium, a portion of the purchase of a 2020 S560X4 Mercedes, and purchases totaling approximately $37,000 at Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Yves Saint Laurent.”

Far from finished, Cheng also announced the launch of a blockchain-based peer-to-peer lending platform and sold more than $400,000 in digital tokens through “materially false and misleading statements and omissions.”

“Cheng, 25 of New York, New York, pled guilty on April 20, 2021, to one count of major fraud against the United States, one count of bank fraud, one count of securities fraud, and one count of wire fraud,” the DOJ said.

Good Funding Announces Closing of up to $30 Million Credit Facility

May 19, 2021
Article by:

good fundingTransaction Represents Company’s Inaugural Institutional Financing

TUSTIN, Calif., May 19, 2021 – Good Funding, LLC (“Good Funding”), a recently-launched small business finance company, has closed on a $20.0 million senior revolving credit facility with a U.S.-based, credit focused asset manager. The agreement includes an accordion feature with the option to increase the credit facility to $30.0 million. The transaction represents Good Funding’s inaugural institutional financing. Proceeds will be used to increase the Company’s funding capabilities and execute its strategic growth plan.

“We are thrilled to have closed on this first round of institutional financing,” said Jason Osiecki, Co-Founder and President of Good Funding. “This credit facility will allow us to accelerate the growth of our funding platform, expand our team, and ultimately empower even more small businesses to move forward.”

“With less than a year in business, in the midst of a pandemic that is still negatively impacting America’s small businesses, we view this investment as a strong endorsement of what Good Funding can accomplish,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Good Funding Ben Gold. “Closing on this credit facility validates our mission to transform the way small businesses access the capital they need to grow and thrive. We cannot wait to put this investment into action.”

Brean Capital, LLC served as the Company’s exclusive Advisor and Placement Agent in connection with this transaction.

About Good Funding, LLC
Founded in 2020, Good Funding is a privately-held financial services firm that provides alternative funding resources to America’s small businesses. Our products are designed for business owners who cannot access working capital through traditional methods, or simply need funding with a rapid-fire turnaround. Good Funding allows entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses to build self-reliance and a brighter financial future.

Media contact:
Jenny Alonzo
VP, Marketing

Broker in Early Twenties Builds MCA Business in Less Than Three Years

February 10, 2021
Article by:

Davron KarimovDavron Karimov, a 22-year-old MCA broker, went from $10k in debt to collecting $200k a year in commissions. It took less than three years, and Karimov shared his journey on his personal, sometimes chaotic, yet always informative YouTube channel.

The Staten Island native said he first started at a Long Island City shop and quickly made some early deals, eventually leaving to start his own firm, FunderHunt, and recently opened an office in Miami.

But do the YouTube videos help him make deals? Of course they do, Karimov says, and he not only gets deals through his video platform but he also get questions from other MCA brokers who reach out for help.

“Of course, we get people all the time calling in, people that have questions, people in the industry need help with their merchants,” Karimov says. “I started around 2018, and there was no info on YouTube about business funding, a huge void online. I stepped up and thought I could be the one to supply info.”

Nearly three years later, Karimov has built an expanding business while helping others through the struggles of being a broker and CEO in the MCA world. In the last year alone, the pandemic caused applications to explode, Karimov says.


“It’s been better than ever; I’ve never seen so many applications in March and April; they were just soaring,” Karimov says. “And then I’ve never seen so many applications get denied because of the industry at the time everything was shutting down.”

It was a time to capitalize if your shop was strong enough to survive what Karimov called the “dark ages” for MCA. If you survived, you get to reap the reward of a capital-deprived market, he says.

“The whole crisis took out so many funders that were just not good, they probably were supposed to go out of business a long time ago, but this accelerated it,” Karimov says. “It took out all the bad funders and replaced them with people that are solid, fast, and have everyone’s best interest at heart, from the merchant to whoever the ISO is.”

According to Karimov, 2020 solidified who is a real player in the game. Launching a new office himself, Davron says he enjoys sunny days in Miami while it is twenty degrees in-between blizzards in New York. Though snow wasn’t the reason he moved, but instead the funding environment.

“Everyone has been warm and welcoming [in Miami], the government knows what this is, and that’s what we do. We try to educate them: not a lot of people know here about this; it’s like it’s a secret,” Karimov says. “If you go to New York, it’s like everybody knows, there are so many shops there. But here, it’s kind of rare to see someone that knows what a cash advance is.”

Compared to New York’s increasingly restrictive funding ecosystem, the Florida space is open to growth. That’s exactly the environment Karimov hopes to profit from, expanding his business in any way that will be geared toward helping businesses.

“I’m not a huge fan of diversification,” Karimov says. “I like doing one thing. But we opened up an office in Miami; we’re bringing experienced people in and trying to fund deals as fast as possible. We’re maybe looking to develop into offering a debit card, whatever is in the business’s best interest.”

Over Half of Small Businesses Had Unmet Funding Needs

February 8, 2021
Article by:

The Federal Reserve’s analysis of overall funding efforts for all small businesses demonstrates a market of unmet financial needs. In 2020, a total of 47% of firms met their funding needs, while the other half (53%) still needed capital.

23% of firms saw a “financing shortfall.” They were partially approved but still needed more funds. The other 30% have unmet funding needs because they never applied according to the survey- they’re scared of debt, risk-averse, or don’t meet requirements.

Those that did not apply for funds would have if they were not discouraged by weak sales (44%), insufficient collateral (41%), low credit (33%), and too much debt already (36%).

83% of companies used a bank or small bank as their primary financial service provider, while only 11% said an online lender or fintech was their primary.

Meanwhile, in the funding world, MCAs were only sought by 8% of all funding applicants last year, compared to 89% of firms applying for a loan or line of credit.

Most firms that went for an MCA went with a bank. 85% percent of firms that applied for a loan, credit, or cash advance used a large or small bank. In contrast, only 20% of firms applied to an online lender, falling from 33% since last year.

42% of firms that worked with online lenders or fintech companies were dissatisfied with support during the pandemic. Comparatively, firms that did receive some funding from an online lender were far happier: only 18% were dissatisfied.

Newest Round of PPP Funding Faces Some New Technical Issues

January 26, 2021
Article by:

New technical issues are plaguing the latest round of PPP funding, according to Rob Nichols, the President and CEO of the American Bankers Association. On Monday, Nichols wrote to the acting heads of the SBA and Treasury addressing them.

Though thousands of businesses are awaiting forgiveness, the SBA’s online portal is not allowing a second loan to be processed unless pending first-round forgiveness applications are marked as complete. This runs contrary to the official SBA rules that state a borrower can apply if they can prove they spent their first loan correctly by the time they get a second.

“We urge SBA to fix this technical error and permit a lender to upload a borrower’s second draw PPP loan application irrespective of the status of the borrower’s First Draw Loan forgiveness application,” Nichols wrote. “More broadly, lenders are receiving a high number of incorrect error messages when the lender attempts to submit PPP loan applications through the portal.”

Part of those errors come from confusion Nichols writes, between previous guidance handed out by the SBA and current stipulations. Funders are unclear as to why a $30,000 per employee loan cap exists or why some borrowers found that the documentation they prepared to prove a 25% reduction of revenue met requirements two weeks ago but don’t meet the criteria recently, Nichols wrote.

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